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[Interview] Feverse "CHO" Interview on Genie Music (230509)

The final 5 from Virtual Idol Survival <Girl’s Re:Verse>, Feverse, …

1. Please introduce Feverse.

Rien: ‘Feverse’ is our group name, that means a world of girls who keep an everlasting passion, and the infinite possibilities of girls who have escaped the limits of reality and become free!

We’re a virtual girl group which promotes as ‘Girls V’, the characters whose concept, personality, and appearance were produced by current idol members, ‘Girls X’.

2. It’s a lineup that seems hard to get together because the Girls X are each working hard in her own group or solo, but it’s even more unique that it’s virtual!

What are the differences between a real girl group and a virtual girl group, which you felt while preparing for the album?

Keuang: Not having to put on makeup? (Laughs) Of course, it’s nice to show our shining selves on stage as Girls X, but many times while filming Girl’s Re:Verse and preparing for this album, I thought, “Ah, so it’s possible to work while being this free.”

So, I think I can show a more comfortable side of Keuang in Feverse. (Fudge!)

Rien: That’s right! I think we were rather able to talk more comfortably among ourselves. Maybe because my face is covered, I feel more honest and brave?

I hope you look forward to what kind of transformation we’ll have in the future. Hahaha

Muneo: Also, I think a big advantage is that I can try many things as Girl V that I couldn’t yet as Girl X.

Usually, when preparing new albums and concepts, there are many times when we are restricted by practical conditions or situations, but this time, it was nice being able to achieve all the things we imagine, without those.

Seoritae: Firstly, I think it was nice for a distant junior like me to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with great seniors. (Laughs)

So, I feel like I’m especially lucky to be able to keep living as a ‘Girl V’ by debuting, and I worked even harder on the recording.

Kim Serena: I think at this point Kim Serena has become me and I have become Kim Serena. My Girl X’s habits and mannerisms are leaking out, so it feels like Serena was made somewhere between Girls X and V?

3. Please introduce Feverse’s debut album [Cho].

Muneo: Title track “Cho” depicts youthful feelings of someone who grows nervous while thinking of a crush. A key point is the lyrics, which compacts the emotions felt for a lover into the word ‘cho’ in amusing ways.

The emotions that we, Feverse, felt while preparing for our virtual idol debut are baked into the lyrics, so please listen to the lyrics well!

Keuang: A song you’ll want to listen to in the early summer! I think it’ll be really exciting to listen to on the way to a picnic date.

Cho-cho-cho-cho~ Isn’t it so addictive?

Seoritae: Also, we sang the original songs which were released on ‘Girl’s Re:Verse’ again as Feverse versions.

Since these are songs with so many high notes, I came to miss ‘Jipsunhui (Cherry Bullet’s Bora)’ and ‘Sera (Weeekly’s Monday)’, who were in charge of our high notes in ‘Girl’s Re:Verse’.

Kim Serena: Speaking of high notes, I think you should absolutely!!! sing ‘Cho’ at the karaoke!!!

I thought I was confident with high notes, but it was really high….

Rien: I heard that they’re preparing a Cho high note challenge on social media, so I hope many people try it!

4. Cho playlist recommendation, and the reason

Muneo: Kwon Eun Bi - Underwater

The song is a masterpiece, you can’t help but listen to it !!

Seoritae: Jang Yoon Jeong - Bean Pod

I recommend my preliminary round song and theme song, Bean Pod! I think the main character of Cho, who fell in love, will also enjoy listening to ‘Bean Pod’. (Applause, everyone~)

Keuang: WJSN Chocome - Hmph!

It’s a song I always listen to before shouting “Fudge!” Hm-hm.

Rien: LOONA Odd Eye Circle - Sweet Crazy Love

I heard it’s a song that suits me well, as an odd-eyed person. I recommend!

Kim Serena: WJSN - As You Wish

I realised my dream of debuting after listening to this song. Feverse, let’s go for the red light!

5. Thoughts on debut / What would you like to say to your fans who are listening to your debut album?

Muneo: I had a hard time recording it, but Muneo doesn’t cave in! All fans who are cheering for Feverse, don’t cave in either~

Seoritae: Hello teachers~ I think I was able to come this far thanks to your love. Feverse, hwaiting! Five Grain Girls, hwaiting too!

Keuang: I’m happy to debut as Feverse, my red pandas! You’re all watching, right? You say you weren’t watching? Pak-C!

Rien: I’m so proud that Rien, who was always lonely singing alone, is able to debut as Feverse.

Please listen lots to Feverse’s debut song ‘Cho’ too ♥

Kim Serena: I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I’m so thrilled to debut as Feverse like this. Now all I have left to do is recover my stocks! Please show lots of love for Feverse!



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