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[Interview] Olive Young Magazine interview with ARTMS (240601)

If you were to describe this album with one phrase?

Heejin: The second coming of angels from the heavens

Haseul: Comebut

Kim Lip: Blood, sweat, tears..

Jinsoul: Our first album that will show ARTMS’ unique colors!

Choerry: It is an album that informs of a new beginning, containing mysterious and beautiful stories to be continued moving forward.

Please suggest a special way to enjoy the album.

Heejin: Try putting on your Airpods while imagining, “I’m an angel,” close your eyes, then take in the music!

Haseul: I recommend listening from track 1 to 11 in order. From a dream-like song to a bright and energetic one, we’ve prepared songs with a variety of atmospheres.

Kim Lip: I think it would be just right if you lie down on a sofa on a cloudy day off and be on your phone while listening through all the songs.

Jinsoul: Since there are songs of a variety of genres, how about listening to certain ones based on how you feel?

Choerry: Please enjoy it with the music video which contains a lot of our lore.

I’m curious what your favorite song on the album is.

Heejin: My favorite part is in the title track, where Lip unnie says ‘that paltry emotion, love, my untrustworthy story, yeah’. Because the choreo part there really sticks.

Haseul: ‘Candy Crush’ is my favorite song on the album. It’s more meaningful as it samples ‘Plastic Candy’.

Kim Lip: My favorite song is ‘Candy Crush’, and my favorite part is the hook. Everyone get excited and shake your booty ^_^

Jinsoul: My favorite song is ‘Butterfly Effect’. I think the thing I like most is the overwhelming and dream-like feeling. And in the title song my favorite part is ‘The sin of having swallowed the sun, forgiven in this moment’, which I think the fans will like even more as these are lyrics that bring in lore from a long time ago.

Choerry: My favorite song is ‘Sparkle’, and my favorite part is the part that goes, ‘your angel~’!

Any memorable stories you have from album preparations?

Heejin: We filmed our group choreography on dry ice during MV filming. I remember all of us dancing sluggishly to avoid slipping :) Fortunately we all got the hang of it later on and danced well, all of us!

Haseul: In our group chat, when any one of us appears to be struggling or tired, everybody puts love into her. I think we’re so cool for being able to tell each other things like ‘You are the best, the prettiest’, ‘I love all of us’ without reservation.

Kim Lip: I was hiding behind Heejin in the MV’s rooftop scene, but my full volume of hair still couldn’t hide its presence!

Jinsoul: We picked one of the prerelease tracks and a side track through a fan vote called Gravity, and we really had no idea which song would win, so that was both nerve wracking and fun.

Choerry: It rained on the MV filming day and it’s actually most memorable how we filmed while being rained on. Which one of us is cursed with weather, I wonder?

A word for the fans who’ve waited for you, please.

Heejin: First of all I’d like to say thank you so much for waiting a long time until ARTMS’ debut! I also think that the reason I’m able to continue performing on stage is all thanks to Ourii. I want to say thank you for continuing to remember me, for being by my side.

Haseul: Ourii! Thanks so much for giving us lots of love when the new beginning of ARTMS hasn’t even kicked off, and once we make our comebut we’ll show you even more cool things, so please love us lots and lots! I was able to endure and overcome the difficult and hard-to-bear periods and make it all the way here because I had Ourii. Love you lots!

Kim Lip: Ourii, it’s ARTMS’ full album at last! Thank you for waiting for so long, and let’s build fun memories♥ Love you!

Jinsoul: It took a long time for the five of us to come together and release this album. Thank you so much to the fans who waited. As much as you’ve waited, we’ve prepared hard and we’re confident we can show you great things! So please look forward to it. This is really the beginning now, so let’s run together again!

Choerry: All Ouriis!! This is the first album where ARTMS is coming out as a full group at last, so I’m very excited but also worried! As much as you’ve waited, we’ve also put a lot of care and emphasis on this album. I ask for much love and attention! Thanks so much for waiting and I love you! This is the real beginning so let’s have a good time together.



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