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[Interview] Quem Interview with Yves (240628)

Yves reacts to public affection with solo debut and promises to come to Brazil

In an interview with Quem, the singer opened up about her new phase as a solo artist and the release of the ‘Loop’ EP

By Lívia Maria

Yves has made a name for herself among K-pop lovers since she made her solo debut in March this year with the Loop EP. The singer, who began her career as part of the iconic group Loona (2016-2023), surprised fans with a unique style of musical concept and rhythm and gave an interview to Quem to talk more about the start of her new journey.

“Loop is an album that honestly expresses the desire to disconnect and break the endless cycle of everyday life and our invariable relationships. In these four songs on my first album, I recorded my emotions at the moment and what I wanted to say,” said the artist.

Yves also pointed out that her songs are like an open diary and an invitation to her fans to understand her feelings. With a strong rhythm and addictive lyrics in the title track of Loop, which bears the same name as the EP, the singer talks energetically about love and the sensations it causes.

The song caught the attention of K-poppers as well as the artist’s fans, who were eagerly awaiting the star’s comeback, to which Yves reacted with emotion: “I’d like to thank everyone who has followed this new beginning and is rooting for me. I’m grateful and it inspires me to work even harder. I know that all the compliments and criticisms represent an interest in me and my work.”

Loop features rapper Lil Cherry, with whom Yves was excited to collaborate: “I always thought Cherry's rap tone was unique. This song has a lot of house elements in it and needed a highlight, so her voice popped into my head as something that would fit. And it turned out even more fun than the project in my imagination.”

The first time Yves took to the stage, she was accompanied by 11 other artists as part of Loona. Now, as she herself pointed out, the responsibility is even greater since she makes a point of being present in the production of the music and the preparation of the performances, which also involves dance.

“On this album, my biggest difficulty was studying and testing different ways of vocalizing while also trying to reproduce various musical genres. Sometimes I got frustrated and tears came. I had blocks, but at the end of the day, I felt proud of what I learned during all this time,” said the singer.

Yves assumes the position of a veteran in the music industry. Although she feels the need to learn much more as an artist, she advises people who dream of being idols: “Get it into your head that those who don’t give up and work hard in silence will win in the future.”

A tour is in Yves’ future plans and matches the dreams she still wants to achieve as a soloist, since having fun with the fans and creating a complete setlist is something she aims for: “I want to be someone who fills concert venues. I want to perform to showcase my growth and meet my fans everywhere, starting with South Korea.”

Finally, the artist thanked her fans for their patience with her long-awaited solo debut and didn’t hide her desire to meet the fans she has had here in Brazil since the beginning of her journey as an idol: “Thank you, everyone! I’ll make up for your time waiting with lots of love and happiness, so stay by my side. To the Brazilian fans, I want to say how grateful I am for your passion. I will definitely come to Brazil to perform in person. Last but not least, I love you!” she said.



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