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[lastyvesniin] 09108 (240130)

I moved into the new home.

How come a new home doesn't feel like a new home;

in this new home, full of things from the previous home and the one before that

discarding and discarding some more,

looking at the storage boxes, dirtied by touch

blaming the foolish, impulsive purchases of the past

I spend the wee hours of the morning organizing and organizing

For your information, I have a cold and aches

But I know nothing of that now,

and will let tomorrow's self pay the price

Please be healthy

I thought it was faultless

But today, that bumpy hardwood floor in the kitchen bothers me

Perhaps the previous tenant used a lot of water

It doesn't look good, so I quickly measured so I could buy a rug


The neat even numbers somehow make me feel better

For I am listening to the Lily Chou-Chou soundtrack and I'm not feeling down at all

This certainly proves I am in a good mood

Maybe the place is built on fortunate grounds?

Speaking of which, I don't remember my dreams so well lately

What will I dream about tonight

Will I remember it come tomorrow morning?

I should sleep

"Why aren't you sleeping?"

My sister's question breaks the silence

True, why am I not sleeping?

While staring at the pointy and round and rustling sacks of moving luggage

I opened the blog

The stream of my consciousness is funny

Anyway, I'll stop talking about myself here

I wish you a blank dream tonight

But not lonely, I hope, but instead warm and peaceful, one such dream


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Own: Ha Sooyoung be happy

Yves: Thanks to you


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thank you for translating 🤍 I truly appreciate it

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