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[lastyvesniin] Blog-ssi donated items at the flea market this weekend!(...) (230620)

So one time I went to the materials market at Dongdaemun with a friend, and as we were walking straight

There was a flea market going on?

Sikhye, Hallabong juice, various fruit jams, bread...

And my feet just moved that way

Like that, my friend and I arrived, as if mesmerized

In front of a lady selling ssamjang and doenjang

People interested in purchasing were allowed to wrap up a ssam and taste a sample...

We wondered if this was what it meant to be mesmerized by something

Sharing a gentle conversation, my friend and I went on to eat jjambbong.

I'm craving it again.

When I was a little, when I saw the elderly ladies selling vegetables on the street

I'd think to myself, 'When I grow up someday I'm going to buy all those for them'

Now, twenty years older, it seems I'm still far away from that.

Same as how, whenever I'm walking and see any grandma, I stop in my tracks

And my heart begins to ache, missing my own grandma.

When I just saw her yesterday, too

Anyway, these items that were crafted through someone's heart

And other items that once shared someone's joy and anger and love and pleasure

And now find themselves on the display shelf of a flea market

Must each have their own story

That's why I like vintage items so much.

How did you come to cross paths with me?

Relationships are so fascinating

From, Blog-ssi

Blog-ssi donated items at the flea market this weekend! Tell a story about flea markets, with so many things to see~

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