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[lastyvesniin] Blog-ssi Is a Pro Used Item Dealer! (...) [230613]

I've wanted to have a conversation with Blog-ssi someday

But it seems our first meeting is not an easy one

I see that you are a pro used item dealer

From, Blog-ssi

Blog-ssi is a pro used item dealer! Please share your unique sweet tips to have a peaceful used item transaction~

[T/N: "Blog-ssi"is the mascot of Naver Blogs, and it automatically sends a "question of the day" to Naver bloggers which they can choose to write a reply to. Yves is replying to today's question, which is about buying and selling used items, in a non-serious way.]


Comments section:

Yves: Everyone how come you are not sleeping? Or is it that you cannot fall asleep? ㅜ Also does Blog-ssi only ask one question per day? I'm asking a lot of questions at this late hour, aren't I?

Yves: I'm sorry for waking you ㅠ I wish you a good night.ᐟ



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