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[lastyvesniin] "Blog-ssi Is Reading One Book a Month Starting This New Year..." (240119)

From, Blog-ssi

Blog-ssi is reading one book a month starting this new year. Please recommend a bestseller that would be good to read~

To. Blog-ssi

For me lately, reading is basically that one you've escaped to a nice place escaping reality meme

It's just like that....

What in the world is this girl saying, you ask

["You've escaped to a nice place" "Escaping reality"]

Even when my head and mind are feeling complicated and heavy and loud

If I grab a book and try to focus... And when I do begin to focus

It's so much fun that I can't stop

My essential item. What are these called? Post-Its? I say they're essential and don't even know what they're called

[<Schopenhauer to Read Before Bed>, <Writing Lessons for Myself>, <The White Dwarf Perishes Forever>]

The top 3 I've been reading the most + and brand marketing book

I have this reading notebook,

where I sometimes copy text and sometimes summarize

and sometimes I substitute into my circumstances and write down my thoughts

It's kinda like a book discussion with myself

["There is no limits in the world of language. Any set of words can be combined. This is akin to becoming a creator, creating a world unique to yourself. A world of mysteries without rules, 'language'. Therefore, using the same word repeatedly may be a discourtesy to the limitless diversity of language. Wittgenstein said, "The limits of language is the limits of the world." The language you use is indeed your world. Of course, repeating words frequently does not make your life harder. But the reason to still think in and use varied language is because this expands your world. It is like a black sea, infinite like the void, where you lay up shining stars, one, two, three..... in infinitude."]

This is from the writing book and it resonated so much.ᐟ

'The reason to still think in and use varied language is because this expands your world.'

["If you only follow the familiar path, you will never discover anything. "When people feel fear or cannot dispense with habits, the first thing they sacrifice is imagination." [Laurence Devillairs] Think about a new path, not the easy path. "A writer is someone who thinks up sentences. Thus, a sentence-thinker." [Roland Barthes] Of course, this originality is easy to say, but difficult to express in writing. In order to block off any familiar reactions from the reader, the Russian literary theorist Viktor B. Shklovskii suggested 'defamiliarization'. This is also called 'acting dumb', and the example in art is 'surrealism'. Rene Magritte drew a pipe over a title of 'This is not a pipe', asking the question: 'What?' to the viewer."]

["The explanation in <Abundance-Addicted Society>, writing about a Korea which has become addicted to abundance while running from anxiety, was exactly correct. When we are nervous, we try to cover up that situation with something else. Lonely people wrap themselves in ever more extravagant clothes and makeup. They try to fill their mental anxiety with quantitative abundance, but that is all just a mirage."]

Now from Master Schopenhauer...

A string of questioning every single page

Master Scho: Life is tragedy and happiness is an illusion

Me: Wait so am I a tragedy from the beginning

ㅡㅡㅡBasically next pageㅡㅡㅡ

Master Scho: However one cannot simply live in tragedy......

Me: OK so then what do I do?

The grandpa of mysterious charms that has me reading endlessly like this

Lots of affection from me lately

I also make sure to buy fashion magazines when I go to a bookstore

They're so fun to read and...

I like to make mood boards?

When I lose track of time collecting the things I like

Guess how unfamiliar and fun it feels

["...After lying to my family that the traffic was bad so I would be late to come home. I told her that she was doing well. Enjoying life begins with reducing the words "I must~" and increasing "I want to~". A genius cannot overcome someone who puts in effort, and the one who puts in effort cannot overcome someone who enjoys. And isn't life too precious to live only out of duty and responsibility. If I could go back to those days, rather than giving all my life to the assignments in front of my eyes, I would look farther, cherish myself more, play enjoyable music for myself from time to time, and allow myself sweet rest."]

This is a book called <If I Were to Live Life Again>. Grateful to this book for giving me so much comfort.ᐟ




Let me recommend you some music I listen to when I read

and I will go to bed. Happy reading 🪷



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