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[lastyvesniin] "Blog-ssi Likes the White Snow and Likes the Snowy Winter. (...)" (231121)

From, Blog-ssi

Blog-ssi likes the white snow and likes the snowy winter. Please share your winter playlist that you want to listen to on a cold winter day~

To. Blog-ssi

I really hate the cold

So I hate winter too

Therefore a cold winter is the thing I hate the most you see

I regret to hear that Blog-ssi likes it

And I feel like you're not asking for my opinion here so I am a little? upset..

Since I hate the cold

Shouldn't you have asked first if I like it first?

I'm just saying, that's how I feel here

I just want you to be more careful in the future. ᐟ

Don't be too upset, Blog-ssi, because we'll keep seeing each other..

But I will recommend you a song..

Check this out



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