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[lastyvesniin] Broken Antenna (230830)

[Whether conscious or unconscious, simply by virtue of being alive, we are active participants in the always-ongoing process of creation. To live as an artist is one way to exist in the world. It is a method of recognition and a practice of being attentive. It is to hone your senses in order to detect even more minute sounds. It is to find what pulls and pushes you away. In this way, when appropriate decisions are made one after the other, your entire life becomes self-expression. In this creative universe, you exist as a creative being. As a work of art unique in all the universe.]

[All things have an expiration, all uses under the sun have their time, there is a time of birth and time of death, a time to sow and a time to reap, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to demolish and a time to build, a time to grieve and a time to dance, a time to throw the stone and a time to put away the stone.

But we do not choose the flow of time. We participate in an act of creation larger than ourselves, but we are not its center. We simply act as we are guided. An artist, like all things in nature, follows the time-table set by the universe.

One who has the most fine-tuned antenna, to pull in the resonant energy in a given moment, becomes the most excellent artist.]

The Creative Act: A Way of Being -Rick Rubin-

Each of you

is a work of art unique in the whole universe.

How even your dry and tasteless days,

in your world,

are such a creative footprint.

Again today, the resonant energies

are being snatched up by my broken and rusty antenna

It may be a little crude

but I'm pretty decent too


[How could we recognize a signal that we cannot hear and is ill-defined? Do not try to find it. That is the answer. Do not try to predict how to enter inside, or to analyze. Instead, create an empty space, so that the energy can enter you. To do so, you need a free space in a corner of your mind, one that isn't filled with things. A space with no mass. So that we can pull in the creative material that the universe generates. It's not so difficult to make free space in your heart. BECAUSE WE WERE ALWAYS FREE!!!

An artist who continuously creates excellent work throughout their life doesn't lose their childhood self. Practice -> freedom, being able to keep with the time table of the universe!]

Look at us so free, we are free...

If I'm savoring it this much

I won't finish reading this for another 10 years



Sep 01, 2023

Yves is as deep as the ocean 🌊, and as bright as the sun 🌞❗


Aug 31, 2023

What a beautiful heart and mind. And she's reading Rick Rubin!

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