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[lastyvesniin] "Did You Have a Full and Warm Seollal? (...)" (240212)

From, Blog-ssi

Did you have a full and warm Seollal? Please share records from your holiday weekend with photos!

["I figured many people must be curious about my day-to-day~"]

To. Blog-ssi

I am headed to Seoul soon...

Why do holidays back home go by so quickly.ᐟ

Literally just food

These days I viscerally feel

That there is no happiness like eating well and sleeping well

For this, I ended up having to do aerobics under the moonlit night last night

And later on, I'm going to be rolling on the ground when I go to Seoul

But I can say that this holiday weekend, I was wholly happy

Yesterday I also went to the temple,

and I prayed gratitude

for helping me to overcome the difficult times well

And I asked, if difficult things come find me again,

to make me more mature than back then, and deal with it.

(But I whined and asked for as little difficulties as possible)

I also bought a new prayer beads bracelet, to protect my wrist this year as I begin 2024

Hey Bokpil, we're a couple ㅋㅋ You didn't pick up the phone so I just bought them

When I can't sleep, I fidget with my prayer bracelet before falling asleep

What do you all do when you can't sleep?

Ah, recently I've also tried listening to extreme low-pitched singing bowls

Anyway, after waking up late

I write these rambles, hurriedly reviewing my holiday weekend

How was the holiday weekend for you all

Even if it wasn't overflowing with happiness

I hope earnestly that at least it wasn't chillingly sad

As I close this post

I am reading every single feeling you are sending my way

So please write comfortably, and don't think "This girl really reads everything?"

I am not such an impressive person, I don't get that many comments

["Excuse me. You all even read my blog? I just realized. If I work hard to write blog post you should read them. Also comment."]



No longer false advertising huh?


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