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[lastyvesniin] Film Photos (230917)

It's been quite long

Since I received these photos

But it's been hectic so

I'm only posting them nowㅜ


["Hello. The photos are ready."

"Oh thank you, I will come pick them up tomorrow.ᐟ"

"Could I also receive them by email?"

"Pick up the files.Tomorrow."]

Okay. I will. (Sniffle)

The owner-nim, a chic urban man

He's charming

I think I'll be going back

ㅡ_- > 0_0

The light was a lot stronger than I thought..

It rained a lot on that day

So even the photo seems gloomy somehow.

This is a group conference room? Type of place that I visited for the first time

We discussed music, and regarding YouTube content

I talked with Dohyeon as the time flew by

I really feel lately that there's a lot to do when I work alone

But I'm sure I can do it if I split my time well?

My body does not let me...

My stamina, please hang in there

At the entrance of the exhibition

At that bookstore we went into after getting rained on

Dohyeon called to me, and I got this photo snapped

I really don't like those bangs

But that too must be a memory, right?

["Wishing that tomorrow will be a day when you can be happy and be less sad"]

This piece of film just got obliterated

But I figured there must be a meaning to anything

So I gazed into it for a long time

And the scratchy noise on the film, that seems to sound like static

Felt like radio, so I wrote something down

Like a typical closing message on the radio

Rather than struggling to become happy no matter what

And stepping up to do something

On a particularly melancholy day, if you are able to let it slide

Thinking, "Some days are like this~"

And if you are able to feel comfort from the small things around you

Wouldn't that be another name for happiness too…

After receiving a letter about happiness from an Ehngdu

And thinking hard about it

I think I've also demanded happiness upon you all

At all times

So I've written this out, rambling. Definitely a chatty person


You don't have to be happy today.

You can be happy tomorrow instead. ᐟ

So I'll be by your side

So that you may be happy, as I wish

Earlier, one Ehngdu said today is confession day

I love you, truly♡̈

From the bottom of my heart. ᐟ

But at any rate

When will I be able to sleep...

Should I just stay up?



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PREPARED GIFTS: Hing I'm also having trouble sleeping so I don't know if this will help but,,, They say getting out of bed is one way to help fall asleep! Just staying up is not good for you ,,,,, Maybe a warm cup of tea? Don't work though,,,,

Yves: Ohhh how about eating breakfast? 3_3

PREPARED GIFTS: Oh! Breakfast,,, Is good too maybe. But what if you don't fall asleep until you digest,,?ㅜ It'll be big trouble if you miss sleep timing

Yves: I just lie down. If it hurts. I take. Meds.

PREPARED GIFTS: Kyat I'll do that too from now on


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Sep 19, 2023

shes sweet

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