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[lastyvesniin] Huh... [230610]

Hello everyone it's Yves

I opened this blog yesterday and wrote my first post and


You wrote so many nice words, more than I expected,

and I can't tell you how touched I was.,,

To be honest, after asking the company multiple times

when I finally got permission

I did have the worry of 'Oops, should I not be doing this',

but if my fans, not even anyone else, like it,

then I'm happy just with that.

Every day, or frequently, might be difficult, but I will live up to your hopes!

[Mom: "This thing on Naver"

Yves: "I might be kinda popular" Mom: "I guess so"]

Thank you for the pretty picture, reporter-nim!

Every day my mom looks up articles and the fans' writings,

and she found an article and sent me this text

I really am joking with my reply there...

I think it's just that in a world with no news every day, in the midst of worrying for her daughter,

a mother who's feeling more conflicted than anyone else gained even this little thing to read, and that made her happy

Reporter-nims, thank you for taking interest in me, when I am nothing !

And thank you also to my fans who take time to come here...

You know my heart right? (Maybe not...)

Just added two shots and my hands might be knd a sh akin g rht n ow

I've become a person who can no longer start a day without coffee

These past few days I've gotten a bit greedy and been doing two shots

I might have to cut back though

To share the capsule coffee details, it's Ediya Persona Blend

I don't like acidic types and prefer the savory ones

But lately I keep forgetting, maybe I'm spacing out...

I've been dispensing the shots without putting the cup underneath...

As a result I have been cleaning the coffee machine base every day

[Note 1: "You are eating well and living well, right? This may a forced hiatus that you cannot help, but since you've been running along so busily, I hope this is a time where you can rest fully? and recharge. And if these dishes I'm sending with that wish can be a source of vitality for you, there's nothing more I could wish for... P.S Take care of your health always!"

Note 2: "Sooyoung, happy birthday~ Eat your miyeokguk and meals well, take care of your health, and I hope you'll be well at any rate. Gotta get good news so that you can blossom your unrealized dreams fully!! They say that life leans towards the direction of your thoughts. So let's think lots of positive and good thoughts and overcome this current situation. Mom, who's always on your side. P.S Happy birthday and love you with all my heart~"]

My tear-jerker button on the fridge

These are the sheets that I see first thing in the morning, when I open the fridge after I wake up.

Sometimes I look at them intentionally

Mom sent me food on my birthday every year after I debuted.

She always included a letter too, and when I picture how my mom would be looking and feeling as she's writing this

I always shed tears, as if someone's pushed a button.

So whenever my birthday is approaching, I grow sad?.. I suppose melancholy is the closer word

My heart just feels like that

I hope someday I will be able to give this back

Somehow this has become a home show-off

I made this in the little space next to my bathroom, a place where you can feel analog.

I've liked Avril Lavigne sunbaenim-unnie for a long time, so I listen to this LP often

But I've left it here for a few days and now there's dust over it

Dust settles when someone goes untouched for a long time, right

Which is why in books or film, they show places like that caked in dust But sometimes, I feel like that helps me feel alive

I give some clothes a shake, dust goes flying, and I blow that dust away again...

If someone saw me from space, I would be smaller than a speck of dust

But on this Earth, as I gaze at those specks of dust, I ramble on with thoughts smaller even than dust.

Kim Yong-myeong sunbaenim.ᐟ I am a fan

When I'm at home, I think I'm lying down in this exact stance

They say that when you lie down and put your arm above your head, if that feels comfortable, then your upper body is already messed up

I shall choose a life that is messed up but happy

Next to my window

Weirdly, I'm scared of wide and deep oceans, but I like fishbowls and fish in them

I looked up ocean sounds on YouTube so I can show you this

But the other day, I was looking at AliExpress (I've gotten into browsing lately)

And this fishbowl lamp kept coming up

Maybe this phone detected my voice... I was scared, but I liked it so I purchased it

Take a look

The space behind my sofa

I imagine the fans know that I like soccer...

People recognized me when I went to a match at Sangam, and I was so fascinated. How could they know me.,,?

That day almost everyone was wearing a uniform and I was so embarrassed by myself

So I've only been thinking, I need to get a uniform someday!

But manager-nim gave me one as a birthday present

Hehe it was adorable thinking about fans collecting our merch one by one in the same way

But then again, I'm sure someone is selling my photocard on Danggeun Market at this exact moment...

I do a search once in a while and it hurts my heart, guess that can't be helped

The third time in my life going to a PC cafe

I went to a PC cafe for ticketing the Peru match, which is being held in Busan

From turning on the computer, to registration.. Paying for time..

I spent all my energy there, so the actual ticketing didn't even make me nervous (lying)

I definitely had pop-ups blocked so why did the pop-up appear, I still cannot understand

But fortunately my mercenary? unnies saved me, so I got a good seat...

They're my sister's friends, and maybe because they're all into Kpop, their skills are no joke!

Anyway let's enjoy the match together in Busan

Thank you for the hard work!!!!!

I tend to be sleepy in the mornings, but I woke up at 5:30 to watch the U-20 team's semifinal match

and was waiting in advance... I'm pretty proud of myself

People use the words 'what a shame' often, but I think that's an expression that only the players could use...

Team, for making it all the way to semifinals, you're so so awesome and I know you worked so hard!

This is the best ice cream of my life

I like Kkandori more than anything else in the world

I used to buy 100-packs on Coupang and put them in the freezer at home.

My heart feels at ease when I see the freezer full of Kkandori

I also like B-B-Big, Babamba, Subakbar, Bungeo Samanco, and so on

Taking a walk around the neighborhood with Kkandori

I'm sorry about how bare-faced this is, but I wanted to let you know how I feel when I eat Kkandori

[Word bubble: "Trudge trudge trudge. My life."]

Source: Pinterest

Honestly my life really.. Has nothing going on

I worried if I could even have 100 blog neighbors

But you showed so much interest that as soon as I woke up

I thought, wow I need to hurry up and write the sequel

So I rushed to take some photos around the house and ramble on

Next time let me show you something more put-together

So suddenly?

Now if I just sent you away you'd probably call me fraudulent goods again so...

My bangs always split out like that

Maybe because I've lived with no bangs [kkan-meori] for so long...


[Caption: "June approaching us when we're not prepared"]

I'm good at mimicking this wave

I wanted to write this on the previous post, and it's a shame but

Let me post it here instead

How many people really are prepared?

It's only because we cannot be prepared, that the world causes us to despair, to cry, and then again to feel joy at small things, yes?...

They say that happiness is in the journey, not the destination

And I don't fully get it either, but recently I've been trying to find joy in the small things.

If you ask me what happiness is, I would probably tell you that it's peace

What does it mean to be at peace?

My friend took this for me in the subway

Recently, I have been soothing my empty feelings by becoming a plant-caregiver,

and the buddy next to me there is a parlor palm (Haengbokki, purchased from Daiso)

But it's quite difficult to grow it

Just like its name, haengbok [happiness] is difficult

Next post, let me introduce my plant friends to you

Thank you for reading another rambling and pointless post today

For all of you reading this post, here's wishing that today and tomorrow

and the many days to come

will be safe and sound and peaceful days, even if they're uneventful


I have to get ready to go outside now

Since I've promised the fans that I will be diligent even about the small things, so


I love you

Even though you know my name

And I do not know your name

Yet still, I love you !



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