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[lastyvesniin] I Have Something to Tell You.. I'm Sorry. (240118)

I figured you might be like "Whoa" and click if I wrote a title like that, so that's why I wrote it

Welcome Princess

These past few days have been very busy with moving preparations (lies)

But even right now, I'm not even cleaning but really holding a flea market on my own at home

I've put things on display. It's bad. When is this going to get cleaned up!!!!!

["Thank you to everyone who participated"]

Welcome everyone to the mover's flea market

I definitely started with a general-purpose trash bag next to me to throw things out

But why is it so hard for me to throw things away

["Yes, I am HAPPY" H: Haven't got will to act A: Actively brainwash myself into thinking blessing will come

P: Psychologically rationalize every day

P: Dead on the inside

Y: Can't even do a proper acrostic"]

Yes, I am happy.

I can't even do a proper acrostic but

Brainwashing myself into believing that blessings will come

That's not a bad thing, amirite?

I prepared this so that I don't get called out for false advertising

To be honest I don't take many selfies alone

You probably can't believe it but....

I need to put on makeup to take a selfie

But it's such a chore to put on makeup

Wrapping up with me wearing glasses even though I got lasik

The reason I am opening my laptop to write

in this disaster of a room in the middle of packing

Is that moving for me, as it is for anyone, represents a new beginning

Seems like just yesterday that I packed and left the practice room that I'd been so used to

And now I am moving again~

I really am brainwashing myself that blessings will come, and I'm going to make that happen

The words that you keep leaving on my blog, where news is sparse

I am reading all of them, whenever I stop by

I will work hard

to repay this undeserved love, one by one, little by little

After receiving strength from you again

I will go pack again

I love you, and be careful on the snowy roads!


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Yves: I am sorry.. I didn't know you would actually be startled..

Yves: ㅜ ㅜ


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