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[lastyvesniin] Late Night Snack (240227)

Park Chaewon gave me this

They're just like wings

Once I dreamed about receiving wings

If I get the opportunity, I'd love to tell the full story sometime

I dream very often, and even though I think myself strange,

on a day when I wake up refreshed, with gleaming eyes, I wonder what last night's dream was

After thinking for a long time, my head starts to hurt again

Anything can make you sad and disappointed, if you had it and lost it

I never wanted that shape

But when I kept the window open, the dawn breeze crafted it for me

Who are you, breeze of such excellent skill

Anyway, thank you


V was sick, but has shaken it off fully

And when I dance in the living room, they gather like that

and stare at me

Please don't forget my ludicrous floundering from today

But since you forget easily

I'll dance again for you tomorrow

["And when I returned to the room, I too would be empty inside, and sometimes I would mimic the same expressions that the empty images would make when they called to somebody"]

["Ever since, in my eyes

The half moon would often reflect

Half would be white

And half would be bright"]

["I would like my cause of death to be like yours

The windows have already in part gone over the night. Even if it is not in our sleep I would like my cause of death to be like yours

The way I mourn your dawn in this place is pondering how to never again face the dawn or how to stop such encounters before falling asleep"]

Late night snacks [T/N: styled to also read as "sustenance"] for the mind

I'm incapable of reading one book for a long time

Maybe because of my hurried temper

I want to read many books quickly

So I bear the toil

of having to reread two or three pages when I go to pick it up again

Today's sustenance was a buffet

And with my head, my heart, so full as to give me indigestion

I again cannot fall asleep, like the yesterday of every day

In a packed rectangular room.


I was having sashimi and soju with Park Chaewon

And some soju made it onto Park Chaewon's ssam wrap

Once upon a time

We used to clamor

"A promise and the best all at once"

And now we've ended up learning how to consume sashimi and soju at once

This time please don't die

I am not drunk

The day of the profile shoot

Me yesterday

What will tomorrow's me look like?

I wish you a warm and peaceful night


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