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[lastyvesniin] Letters I cannot send, #4 (230622)

[Chic Nachos snack]

A chic woman

Troll-y Yves

Stole this from Gowon's place

Today was Dano, apparently

See I didn't even know that

+ What I ate today is strong [ganghan] food

From, Blog-ssi

Today is Dano, a day when we wish for a plentiful harvest. Please share the healthy [geonganghan] food you ate today!


Comments section:

Dust: What I ate today, is [geon] strong [ganghan] food

Yves: ˗ˋˏWowˎˊ˗ I have a long way to go

Yves: I'm stealing this, Miss or Mister Dust

Yves: Everyone I'm reading all your comments, I love you with all my heart, I wish you a comfortable night



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