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[lastyvesniin] Listening Closely to the Mutterings of Silence (230803)

Hello this is Yves

I haven't been able to write on the blog at all lately, right

When someone said they read my writing over and over again on the commute

Those words kept lingering in my mind

And so I've opened the blog window like so

Ah, but I have been checking the comments gratefully every day

Once again, thank you so much ♡̈

I am at my family home right now

As soon as I arrived, I ate a home-cooked meal with only the banchan that I love. It was so tasty that I ate the whole bowl while chatting away with Mom and Grandma.

Ah, do you know about agar bean soup?

When I was little, whenever I opened the fridge after school there was always agar bean soup. And it was ever so tasty.

'Boogie'. On & On

This is a photo I sent on Fromm

I noticed this thing is there now

Apparently the name is Boogie 笑 笑

FYI, "Boogie On & On" was my CyWorld BGM in high school

The moment you opened my homepage

'I'm fineeee~ Tomorrow morning on the sofaaaaa~~~~$@&&'

[Video: "ily"]

I sent this one on Fromm too, I'm sorry for leaking

This rabbit that I have attached on my bag, when I press its belly

It says "I love u" twice

But I accidentally pressed it on the night bus and I was writhing ㅜ ㅜ

But the fans got curious, so I mustered up courage and I pressed it again on the taxi

Dear taxi driver-nim who was attacked with a mysterious confession

I am truly sorry..

I love fish

Ah, updates

I changed my nails

So… hot

Sentimental because it rained

Shouldn't have done wet hair

When the bangs were gonna get all wet anyway...

I'm still a moody person, easily affected by weather

But I'm eating well, eating fruit too

Recording the summer of 2023 with my skin, my mouth, my hair

That's how I'm living

I like this filter but...

You all keep telling me 'that damned glasses filter' through DMs ㅠ ㅠ

The spot on the side of my nose has gotten darker

The faint spot on the side of my nose has darkened and now I'm really the spotted girl... From the side it does feel unique... I do like it

Oh and the pajamas are Gowon's. Because we live together

[Video: "Hahaht;"]

I had so much to say, but coming here after so long

I'm at a loss for words

I had so much emotions to share with you...

Mom is sleeping next to me, and if I stay up any later

I really will get an earful...

Next time I will return with more organized updates

This was not the original plan ㅠ ㅠ

Tomorrow I'm going to watch soccer at last. ᐟ

If you run into me, who will go there alone, please greet me warmly

Perhaps fans felt like this on the day before concerts

Photo unrelated

Tonight's lullaby which I recommended on Fromm .ᐟ

The night at my family home is truly quiet

It may seem like there is no sound at all

But I am listening closely to the stillness

I wonder if the word silence truly exists

When I am always muttering to myself in my head

In my head, in my mind

I can never seem to place a hard stop

Sometimes that's saddening

But it means I can keep writing tomorrow

It means I can make edits

How far have you all written?

Do the typos you have made continue to bother you

Because I can't tell, at all

There is a piece that you were writing, a year ago today

Do you want to open it?


1 commentaire

03 août 2023

Yves is obviously a truly kind and deep thinker.

She deserves the very best❣️

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