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[lastyvesniin] Message Has Arrived (231115)

Ha Sooyoung.

I certainly promised myself I would go to sleep early

I made a firm vow, that tomorrow I will dot my face, like a reborn person

And smell the morning.

But the night is particularly long

And the late hours are hard to fall asleep in

What do I long for from the day left undone, that I should toss and turn

(All I do is melt my frontal lobe watching Reels,

reading books, watching YouTube, and such)

["Health! Courage! Happiness! Love!"]

Please take some

The dawn has passed and morning is here

And I thought of you, so I opened the blog

Whether you are someone who asks about my day every day, like an attendance marker

whether you are shy, or whether you were riding the waves (if you get it fold your finger)

To all, I wish you a happy day

I ask of you.ᐟ



Comments section:

Hyei: Ha Yves I love you I really love you I love you lots and lots

[Image of text: "If you were next to me you would literally deserve 100 kisses"]

Yves: I want those kisses

DruNkENhwAnG: Every day. Repeat.

[Image: "Watching idol videos until 2-3am"]

Yves: Just saying idol encompasses quite a lot so may I ask specifically which idol you are watching



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