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The day was today

During practice I just couldn't focus

And I don't like how I am this way, but I suddenly wanted to take a selfie

No one knows which way I might bounce

I can't predict myself, so sometimes it's quite difficult, actually often

Right now I'm listening to Debussy

When I cut through the loud and dizzying outside noises and open my door

Strangely I want to listen to classical

Perhaps a fussy effort to have a fancy-looking hobby?

Or perhaps it was my taste all along

Lily Chou-Chou also features Arabesque

('An arabesque is a form of musical exposition that uses flashy decorations on motifs')

I suddenly felt curious and sought out arabesques, and I found someone who likes Lily Chou-Chou like I do.

'I was really into it at first, but not anymore.'

True. Now that I hear that, I feel like I'm the same way

Sometimes I am like water. You say one thing, and I feel that way

I am listening to Debussy, but I start to feel like I don't like it that much

I went to Bongeun-sa

I visit this place like I visit a cafe

Is it a silly hobby?

I don't dislike myself for being still

I meditate before returning

When I look at my phone, an hour and a half would have passed

I had stopped, for an hour and a half

Perhaps I had grown

On the way out, I saw a nameless flower

I may not know its name, but it made me think spring had come

People shoved large cameras at it, to take pictures of the blossom

I didn't want to cause harm, so I ducked this low and removed myself

Passing underneath the nameless flower.

Passing by the spring

This is a taxi in Japan

That day I was quite so sleepy

Who knows if this place is Japan or Korea or Earth or Mars

I just wanted to sleep in the bed

But I am traveling after all, so might as well play hard

Am I lazy because my zodiac is the cow

That is too generalized a thought

It's just that you love the bed so much

Thanks to diligent unnies, my memories of Japan are loud whenever I reminisce

Truly what a relief

What tea was this

Something got into me, and I wanted to be classy and drink warm tea

I had a pretty cup so I poured into it

Sipping and sipping, I soon emptied it

But my heart felt a void

I did drink it, but my heart was cold

That day was like that

So Dohyeon told me this, that the cutting board holders? from Daiso make for good CD holders

I had CDs in it at first, but that felt unnecessary, so instead I slotted the books stacked on my desk

Books from all different places collected in a spot

How is it to meet each other

I can't read one book all the way through

Still I share my reach around frequently, don't get jealous

Every Day Is April Fools is the book I'm reading most often lately

Literally every day is April Fools

When will it not be April 1st anymore ma'am, please just tell me about your first love

Tree seen from my window

A person

I painted

I felt sorry for the tools gathering dust on my bookshelf, so I opened my eyes one morning and painted on my table

The first thing I painted was a person

I don't know how to sketch, so I went straight to coloring

The person I drew seems to be full of thoughts somehow

I wonder who you are?

Anyway it's nice to meet you, my first painting

I gave frequent walks, but the Tamagotchi died again, again

What is your problem

I'm angry so I'm not raising one again

Don't even know where it went

Suddenly I want to raise one again

The roses I received at the company welcome party

I saw these on a desk when I was about to go home

So I asked, 'Can I take these home?'

They lasted maybe three days

Before wilting

I threw them out with the regular garbage

Flowers are like that

They give incredible joy, then are disposed of like they never were

But I like that

So I keep buying them

I found a flower shop near home, and the florist knows me now

Flowers grow their whole lives, to bloom once like that

And then they wilt

I like that

What flower shall I buy now


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22 mars

My heart went oops when i read debussy

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