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[lastyvesniin] Sooyoung's Diary (231001)


. . . . .. . . ..



Something very upsetting happened.

That thing is..,


Today is the start of October.

October 1. Armed Forces Day.

To cheer on the Ehngdus for their first day of October

I opened Fromm


So brazenly

She who was named 'Hyeju's Girlfriend'

Told me that I was not her first best

But she would still cheer for me..

I was so bewildered..


I get it, but hearing that I was their second

Put me in a bad mood

As everyone knows (probably not)

I have four fires in my fortune so I am the jealousy of avatar [sic]

I was very upset and teary * (poetic license)

So I could not just let this slide

Since it was Chuseok (hm)

I boldly spoke up

And then, the Ehngdus started to compliment me

I felt so good.... (Wow!)



That's right.......

That's what I'm talking about...


That's it right there..

Felt good right away

Recovered my vitality

That's the end of the diary...

A daily routine where my friend is being funny so I stifle laughter at the cafe while pretending to be serious and looking at the laptop

On the inside I'm always crying like this

If you see me being serious at the cafe

Please feel free to approach me


I am off

To root for Tottenham

See you laterㅜ!


Tottenham won…

Driving me nuts, victory fairy ;


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Oct 03, 2023

you're so fun yves!!!

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