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[lastyvesniin] The Blog You Ordered Is Here (231102)

[T/N: This post combines two of Yves' posts from the same night: "Hello^^" and "The Blog You Ordered Is Here".]


Post: Hello^^

["Our restaurant is operating normally"]

How many in your party?

Please have a seat over there^^




I'm going to write a post today

I am sorry to make you wait for so long

I will return after midnight

Wish you tasty dinners and warm evenings


+Due to requests to attach face photos…


Comments section:

Young: SWF review gogo please

Yves: Yas understood

Mh: What are you having for dinner

Yves: Jaecheop-guk

Lee Chaewon: Can I get tonkatsu?

Yves: Yes yas tonkatsu will take 50 minutes. Is that okay?.*^^


Post: The Blog You Ordered Is Here


Have you been well

The days have suddenly grown cold

As for me?

Just like an annual, recurring regional festival

I caught a cold as the seasons changed,

and I ate well and got sick and

On some days I skipped meals because I had no appetite

And I've been hearing the feel-good nagging from you all, and just like that

I've been spending my days

+Scroll warning


The routines

These are sticker photos I took today

And I can apply filters, amazing.

One day a fallen leaf grew out of my toe (actually it fell)

Today I ate this lasagna and... risotto..?.. But the employee there recognized me somehow and gave me free dessert, thank you, how did you know.. So fascinating

Went to the SWF audience yesterday

And I've been lying down for hours due to nausea...

I'm a country kid so I can't ride in cars for long

Sob I can't even do swings or seesaws or amusement park ridesㅜ

Standing at SWF was so tiring

So I was crouching from time to time

And I found this sparkly piece of paper

This reminded me of Queendom and the concert too

And thinking to myself, so our fans must have had it this tough to watch us

They must have gone home to lie down like me

It was like I spilled gukbap in my heart, and I became a twenty-something woman who

Cried alone while crouching in general admission (I didn't cry ㅋ)

Seriously this part was so awesome and I was just

Punching my forehead

Of course I wore a beanie so it didn't hurt

Sigh Bada unnie why do you keep smiling for me

Let go of me, that unnie smiled at me first;

Pretty pose when stepping out of the shop

Just took one for no reason ㅋ

Celplay (celebrity play)

Mom sent me banchan once again

Back in the day, taking Grandma's banchan out of the fridge to eat

Used to be so natural, but living on my own now, I receive banchan instead..

Every time I feel guilty and thankful and everything

Grandma is now older, so Mom makes the banchan for me

Still tastes just as good

The cooking skill of the women in our family doesn't go anywhere.

When I first came to Seoul and lived in the underground practice studio

Grandma used to come to Seoul herself to give me banchan

But now, my grandmother asks to go back home after just a little bit of walking

I'm 27 years old now too

And all I can see is my family getting older and older

When I'm still just like a child

The fact that I want to help them smile more

And at the same time, want to help them age slowly and gradually

Is that somehow selfish - while thinking about that

I pottered and made rice balls for Dohyeon to eat when she goes to work

Late-night meal from some night

Sometimes I'm confused whether my mind feels empty

Or my belly feels empty

And we agreed to call that "gaining weight"

The trees have dyed their hair

Can I touch you

A synesthetic photo where you can feel the warm breath just by looking

Ogu slept soundly when I laid out the warm padded jacket

Are you doing well

I was heading home and this seemed like my blog so I filmed it

My favorite thing is lying down...

Even knowing that caffeine doesn't suit me

I live with coffee on me

Sometimes I work hard on my job

Sometimes I get off work in the morning

And on the weekends I take leisurely walks often too

Apparently we can't use those paper cups anymore

This is an old photo.ᐟ

This is the day I caught a cold

The photos are ordered all over the place

So it must have been hard to read ㅎㅎ

But please look upon them kindly...

Like this, I'm so brazen and slow

And I talk a big game because I can run my mouth

Got too many thoughts and worries

Get sick here and there and all I do is whine

And yet you still look forward to me and cheer for me

I still cannot dare to fathom that heart

But I don't think that's because of anything that I have

I'm always grateful for everything that allowed

You all and I to meet and cheer for each other in this way

And I am working hard to pay it back

["For cherishing and encouraging and supporting and cheering and adding and pushing and worrying and agonizing"]

Here I am with just words again...

All I have are guilty feelings...

All your feelings that you are sending via DM and comments and blog and Fromm

I am reading all of them

And I am praying for you to be genuinely happy

So we are exchanging invisible hot packs

With each other

It will be winter soon, so I should stock up on some hot packs again

At these sighs I exhale habitually,

at the mere light greetings I write down

If the worries that made you sick with concern

Could be spat out even momentarily, I would love that very much

So let us, together

Live out tomorrow again

I love ya ㅋ


What a pointless post this is

But thank you for waiting until this late hour

And for reading

We're closing up shop now so please go

We need to shut down the kitchen


Comments section:

Yenny: Sooyoung, thank you for coming again like this! You are such an awesome person for your very existence ㅎㅎㅎ I'm happy I get to cheer for you. Even this waiting is so precious. I'm just thankful ㅎㅎㅎㅎ I'm still cheering for you today! Yesterday I again loved some Ha woman diligently.... I'll love you more today. Sleep tight and sweet dreams! A pretty person is allowed to do that ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Love you'-'!❤ I think your writing is always so good. I think I cheer for you even more because I know you're not just words ㅋㅋㅋ Thanks:)❤

Yves: I'm going to cry

Hiyo: Kitchen closing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yibu unnie is so cute•••🍎❤️ Every sentence of unnie's is so relatable••• Especially that part about how you only see your family aging••• I want to establish myself already and be the one to give them better things and tastier things from now on and to make them happy.ᐟ Reading unnie's words while prepping for job search and getting emotional on this late night ㅎㅎㅎ I'm always cheering for you•••🩷 I'll give you all the hot packs of the heart you want •••❤️‍🔥

Yves: You. Are gonna do great. Got it? You're gonna be great no matter what

Yves: Hwaiting for job search, also the counter is closed

Yves: It's so cute how everyone's writing private comments, but it's a shame I have to keep these to myself, why are you writing private comments? You embarrassed????

Yves: Am I embarrasing to you?.?....????

So In: If unnie replies to my comment, the views on my blog go up...

Yves: Is that so?


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Nov 10, 2023

yves here she is so pretty

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