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[lastyvesniin] To. Blog-ssi, #11 (230701)

From, Blog-ssi

When you feel like you're falling behind others, what's your unique way to recharge confidence?

So you have fallen behind... Work even harder, Ha Sooyoung


["Do not settle in life"]


Comments section:

Watermelon: There is no way that someone who sleeps this late even after working hard all day could ever fall behind

Yves: So I was watching Netflix and ...

Yves: These days I feel like I've only been writing short posts... Soon I'll capture my daily life in another long post. I read a comment that someone reads and rereads my blog in the subway and it was somehow moving. To think that the writing that leaves my hands in the moment I publish the post are feelings that will be reread by somebody. I will work hard, with all my heart

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