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[lastyvesniin] To. Blog-ssi, #12 (230702)

From, Blog-ssi

July, when the summer begins to really heat up! Is there anything you want to make sure to do in July?

To, Blog-ssi

I was wracking my brain too hard to write

And ended up only writing down overly productive things

So I deleted the whole thing and I'm starting over...

1. Going to a cafe during the rainy season and reading a poem anthology.

As someone who must not go anywhere and stay home whenever it rains

It's a massive decision to go outside with a book when it's raining

Also I have to sit by a window no matter what. I'm a romanticist

Also since it is raining, to get rid of the moisture, the owner will certainly blast the A/C

So as someone who gets cold easily, I have to bring outerwear!

Sometimes, when I'm reading poems, I go 'Wow! How could they write such an expression!'

And I am amazed

But if I just turn the page, it feels as if the words that came into my hands

are taken away again.

On any piece of paper, even a receipt,

once I've written it down and put it away

Sometime later I'll open it back up, like a gift, while cleaning, and then I think again.

'Wow! How could they write such an expression!'

In those moments, like a piece of mail missing its sender, it feels like someone's secretly left it at my home.

For a maximalist like me, this notebook also

is an item that I might lose on any day but

Let's be together

The Apple Notebook, the texture of which shows better in the flashlight

[Jeong Hye-yoon - Anyway, Take Notes]

I also bought this book at the same time

I bought it as if possessed after reading the first page. "I should have made a note"

2. In Dohyeon's room, eating Kkandori and watching movies and chatting all night

The important thing here is that we need the 'fan'.

A while ago, I was chatting at Dohyeon's place about how we express things

And we fell asleep at 7am.

The fan running all strained, and the two of us leaning because the ice cream we held was melting.

At the same time, the two of us said, 'Wow! This feels so much like summer right now!'

We felt summer within the summer. Naturally, because it's summer

But it's quite the different thing than treading on cold snow and reminiscing a summer gone by.

Dohyeon eats big ice cream by herself.

Also, Dohyeon is a movie buff, to the point that she's written reviews of

Around 1900 movies, one by one.

Even mundane worries or boring topics

Become tied to a movie when she speaks

And that is such an interesting thing to me.

So typically I end up finding out how a movie ends before I look that movie up on Netflix.

You might think it boring, but it's so much fun when the things I discussed with Dohyeon happen one by one.

That's how I ended up watching the drama 'The Good Place'

And that's why I've been going to bed in the morning every day

Now on Season 2

3. Avoiding trouble

When I was little, our family got hit squarely by Typhoon Maemi ["Cicada"].

Ever since then, summer has always seemed like a butterfly that hides a knife behinds its back.

(There is also Typhoon Nabi ["Butterfly"]..)

At any rate, my biggest wish is that everyyyone, not just those around me

would go through this summer without trouble.

For some reason summer always gets romanticized, so you just see this word

and it feels like a sun-drenched youth.

But someone out there must have felt endlessly depressed at the long rainy season

And someone else must have felt anxious at the approaching typhoons

What really is there to happiness~~~~~~

If nothing bad happens, that's good enough

Even if the sores that have grown in your heart keep throbbing

Even if this summer is more humid than the last

We have many more summers that are yet to come~

Let's have another good~ summer together


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