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[lastyvesniin] To. Blog-ssi, #13 (230706)

From, Blog-ssi

A special festival you can only enjoy in summer! Please share some proof photos from attending heat-blasting summer festivals!

To, Blog-ssi

The lotus flowers I've come to love so much

They grow out of muddy water

["Bongeun Temple Lotus Festival"]

Visit if you get a chance.ᐟ

This is a place where I got drenched in sweat recently.

My body felt heavy and like I was about to die

But my heart felt like it would live, so much

I introduce to you that summer day of mine

There was a lotus festival that day so

Including some photos too.ᐟ


Lotus flowers, my very favorite

Having the chance to see them to heart's content,

I lingered awhile in the scorching sun

Gazing intently

People don't know,

That I'm looking where they had taken root

They must think that I'm just looking at the flowers and taking their photos

People wouldn't know,


Comments section:

damn21: Whether Ha Sooyoung was looking at the flowers or the roots, no one would have cared. Because they too saw only what they wanted to see.

Yves: Aha .ᐟ



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