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[lastyvesniin] To Blog-ssi, #14 (230804)

From, Blog-ssi

Blog-ssi is enjoying a cool indoors date. Please introduce an exhibit that you were impressed by recently~

[People generally feel a sense of distance when they think 'abstract'. Despite the numerous elements that form our surroundings already being abstract, they treat the abstraction in a painting and the abstraction encountered in everyday life completely differently, and feel them differently. For example, they might look at the sunset and feel that it's beautiful, but they look at a painting depicting only a sunset and say that they don't understand abstraction. (This, on the other hand, is a transgression of modern art as well.)

This exhibit was prepared to help the understanding of abstraction, through the many pathways that reach, or resolve in, abstraction. This is not for study, but out of a desire that everyone would respect their own sense of aesthetic. I would wish that you come to realize that abstraction isn't anything special, either. The ultimate goal of painting is to contribute towards every individual living as independent beings.

- The fifth and sixth floors consist of works that express thoughts on current events using sayings and aphorisms. (Some pieces were included out of the notion that the extraction of essence is itself an abstract process.)

- The fourth floor was a reaction to strong memories that remain through my childhood through adolescence, and an abstraction of those shards.

- The third floor are works that translate the abstract fragments we encounter around us.

Wishing you an enjoyable time.

-Yoon Dong-chun]

["From your painting

I reminisced on my childhood

I grieved, felt warmth, felt comfort

Even if my future, which had been abstract

continues to be abstract

That wouldn't be so bad

Ha Sooyoung."]

To, Blog-ssi

Let me come back in the morning

I'm gonna save this topic


[Breaking news] Miss Ha, struggling due to lyrics not coming to mind

Sighs from fans awaiting the blog post, "Why didn't you do it earlier"...

Miss Ha feeling wronged, "Not feeling inspired ["younggam"; also "old man"]"

Cold reactions from netizens, "You don't even have a husband"

I shall see you tomorrow morning

I am sorry


Comments section:

Yves: Our shop is on regular operating hours (falls apart)


[Note: Yves came back to this post the next day and fleshed it out with more photos and text, as below]

I'm sorry

Have you been well

Due to your waiting

I was able to wrap up the lyrics well

And rubbing my sleepy eyes I have returned to the blog

Thank you for waiting

I hope this assuages your anger..

Actually only made the fans angrier

I made time for the first time in a while to attend this exhibit, thinking ‘I want to go. ᐟ’

Let's get started

Go go

In the Taxi - Veve

These stockings began their relationship with me on that day

And that's when it ended too

A quick snap without driver-nim knowing

The snapping sound is so loud


Kim Dohyeon snatched my leg as soon as she saw me

Pretty huh

Ear cuffs purchased for 5000 won off the street. ᐟ

Been using them every dayy

Now, that's all for the exhibit recap.

It does feel quite lethargic in the steaming heat these days,

and I think it is so hard to leave the house~

But when I make time to see an exhibit, my body and spirit both

Feel healthier, you know?

I hope you also won't just stay at home because it's hot. ᐟ

There are many exhibits underway

So hope you will spend

Great times~ with great people. ᐟ

This has been the exhibit recap

Have a nice day tomorrow as well neighbor-nims. ᐟ

This post was written by Sooyoung, who is Dohyeon's friend and not Sojung's friend

While being threatened

Mountain after mountain

A dog's eyes only see dung

Water flows to the lowest place

This is where my feet and eyes lingered for the longest on this day

Just like an abstract painting, until I saw the title

I couldn't tell what message it was trying to impart

But the rough white dots painted below

Naturally drew my gaze from top to bottom

As my eyes created waves over and over again, I discovered the title

And could only nod my head "Ah".

The Moon also tilts when it is full


Even the Moon tilts when it's full

So who am I to

What are we to

[If you say nothing then nothing will happen]

If you say anything then anything will happen


Their sleeping figures

Gave me such a peaceful feeling, and yet


Photography too can be abstract, indeed

That's right

In elementary school.

When school was out, I would stay with my grandmother in the countryside.

Every day I set out to the fields, to the mountains, in search of playthings.

The happiest memories of my childhood.

A heaven on earth, no one there to interfere.

When the break ended and I would return to Seoul, Nureongie the dog would follow me out to the newly paved road.

I learned goodbyes.

"I learned goodbyes"

To me, a good piece of art

Is something that draws out empathy.

Not forcefully, but genuinely.

The color and words of the artist resembled

Those from when I experienced parting from Haneul

In high school

Drumming seemed cool, so I joined the band

Then I looked closer, and I would have had to circle the school field wearing the bass drum for every assembly

I said I wanted to quit, and they said I would get a beating first

I told them to hit me, and they said this was the first time so they would let it slide

I didn't have any place to go, so I joined art class

Damn it. People would call that fate too.

'Damn it. ᐟ‘

That the fate of the artist

Encountered me by fate

In front of my eyes, that's so fascinating

I didn't want to go to school, but wasn't brave enough to drop out

So during class, I brought books I wanted to read and read them, and dozed off, and scribbled

Sometimes, I wanted to show off to friends who were checking what I was reading

And powered through some nonsense books

Yes, it's 'learning', which a person should never be lazy about until they die

I have come to think of it as separate from 'study', which accords to temporary need

Sentences that spoke to me so so much.

The artistic areas that I need to study endlessly as a singer

Are of course most important

But there are areas to study until I die, as a human being

And so, in any meaning,

Studies, learning, cannot be skimped on

Will I be able to know everything before I go?

The field I've gotten interested in lately is humanities

I would like to understand even just the 'h' of humanities.

I didn't think I could provide for a family if I painted, so I decided to give up on marriage.

In hot-blooded youth, I debated for half a year before making that decision.

Then I told Father that I would attend art school, and he immediately turned it down

After running away from home a few times, I finally got permission.

With my future pride and everything on the line, I clashed with Father.

After that, I've never thought of any other path than painting

The colors of the abstract piece somehow

Reminded me of my firm-willed predebut self

And wrung out painful smiles out of me

A bug

Truly fascinating

Next to a piece called 'Bug'

There was a real bug

Is this intended by the artist

There was a bug meandering around the piece Bug. I supposed that it was a bug that has some perspective for paintings. -Kim Dohyeon-

<- Enjoyed viewing with this buddy here. -Park Chaewon-

By Kim Dohyeon, Park Chaewon


When we get together like this

I'm always the only one drinking ㅠ ㅠ

I still like it though (I don't)

I know you don't like stuff like exhibits

But you still went with me, and how much I should cherish that

I once again realized

(Are you reading?)

For me, who always needs certainty and precision

To feel satisfied

The exhibition by artist Yoon Dong-chun-nim

Undid my compulsion, playfully and humorously.

[Yves' own note from above]

I will live




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