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[lastyvesniin] To Blog-ssi, #7 (230626)

The Chapaguri I just ate, unnie-ya even fried an egg for me ㅠ

It was so hot while we were making this

And Ogu (the cat) kept meowing

So I grabbed the fan, and Ogu started to cheer, as if to say "yeah that's it"

So I turned it on in that direction

And then we just cooked while sweating

It's Kkandori's spot but Nougat Bar took the center spot ;

The member being pushed by the ice cream discount store owner, 'Nougat Bar'

Seeing as how it occupies an entire compartment

It's the clear center

["Restock Kkandori"]

I flashed this at the store CCTV and rubbed my hands together to beg

It's not easy to stan Kkandori

Kkandori, don't be discouraged, let's become a popular member

["Gotta start the day with iced cAffee"]

A year-round kind of food

Blog-ssi seems

Quite diligent

+ Adding a photo because this seems like false advertising

It is Monday

When will Monday not feel burdensome anymore ?

Even during a frustrating and intense day, wishing fervently that a small happiness

Will make you let out a smile, even for a moment

Sleep well 💚

From, Blog-ssi

Blog-ssi often makes refreshing noodles to eat. Please introduce a nice special dish to make in summer, along with a photo!


Comments section:

Suzzi: Btw what does Kkandori taste like?!? I've never tried but now I'm curious because of uhngnie...

Yves: Hm like it's not whole red bean so it's soft and sweet and subtle and at first it's hard but if you let it melt a little it's savory and crunchy...

Dust: But how come Sooyoungie is taking a selfie in a corner behind the door, still you're pretty ~♡

Yves: That spot gets great lighting ~

Yoohyun: Oongnie sometimes they have Kkandori at Daiso!! ♡

Yves: What.ᐟ 📝..🫶

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