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[lastyvesniin] To. Blog-ssi, #9 (230628)

I'm famous (not famous) for not having hobbies

[Video: "Sooyoung at Peru game"]

Soccer felt weird on the day we won the lawsuit

I was actually calm

Hearing Mom's voice, crying, over the phone

I asked, Mom why are you crying

[Video: "A heart needs cleaning too"]

A place I visit regularly when I feel complicated, day and night

I don't have much to call a hobby

I was jealous of a proper hobby, like everyone else has

And after much wandering, I encountered soccer

It's something I'm grateful for

Something that lets me boldly say, This is my hobby

Not me playing, of course, but watching.

Sitting still, watching the players who

Fiercely put their lives on the line for a ball, something hard to identify blooms in my heart.

"Once upon a time, I too lived so fiercely that I'd have put my life on the line."

Filling the hiatus densely with this thought

To me it's another term for consolation

[Video: "But I'm going to survive until the end"]

My motto these days: I was born on this world, let's live it out however I can

It's separate from a hobby but

To live so fiercely that I might die

Is my motto

No matter if this happens or that, let's stay alive and be happy, right

Reading the comments, I think that this place

Gives you some consolation, no matter how little

From now on, even if it has nothing to do with the post

Please speak lots of your mind

No, you're not talking to yourself. I'm here, aren't I?

Have a good night


?: Does your friend not own a desk?

This is from right now

Adding this

I felt a happiness

From, Blog-ssi

This summer I've vowed to learn a new hobby! The activity log of someone who's hobby-rich and likes everything! Please share with some videos~


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08: If we meet in league play this season we're not going easy on you. - From a Liverpool fan.

Yves: You never went easy on us


1 commentaire

28 juin 2023

I admire Yves a lot. She’s a very deep person who truly understands the cycle of life and not just the moment. She takes in the world and tries to connect with all around her. Wise beyond her years, with a beauty that transcends.❣️

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