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[lastyvesniin] Well Begun Is Half Done [230609]

Hello this is Yves

At last I’ve opened the long-awaited blog


They say well begun is half done, and both I and you all

Are at the halfway [ban] point of this year.

Also I slathered on a ton of this new cream I bought at Olive Young the day before yesterday and now my face is all smooth [banjil] too.





I don’t know what kind of daily happenings I will be discussing from now on,

but I hope this will be a restful place for fans and myself alike.

There have been a lot of scenery and photos that I wished I could show you

And I’m going to start posting those little by little.

The lunatic perfectionist Happo is a hare

But also a tortoise with very slow speed…

Please look kindly upon me

I refuse malicious comments

[Text in image: FRESH MORNING; 30 seconds from the lips becomes 30 years in the heart; A single warm word can change someone’s life; Thank you for being so warm; FRIDAY; Good posts every day; Have an awesome day.. Happy in your heart ..Full of love scents~]


Comments section:

Yis: This is fun already

Yves: Really? Where’s your soul

Yis: This does have soul unnie..🥹 I will try harder so you can see

Watermelon: Hello~! I was reading around some blogs and I am reaching out to you because this one seems well-maintained. Your photos and writing are quality! I am a Crunchapple who works in the Tortoise Pretending to Be a Hare department^^ If you’ve ever been interested in any of: skin improvement (looks like you’ve done it with Olive Young cream already) | SNS advertisement (please sign up for ad posts later on) | scalp care (you don’t seem to bleach hair so must be healthy) | gaining weight (make sure to eat leftover pizza too) | inner beauty (take your supplements and get sunlight, iced Americano refills banned), then can we chat?💟 ✔️No up-front fees for consultation, startup, or investment! ✔️Not a sponsorship, just building online love! ✔️You just make progress like you are blogging now, with me☺️ Feel free to give me a call if you’re curious for more!

Yves: ˋˏWowˎˊ˗ I almost reported you for real

Watermelon: Report of marriage? Thank you^^

ZinZZaHyuk: It may just be a greeting post with no content but I am so looking forward to more posts….❤️

Yves: What do you mean no content ..

ZinZZaHyuk: Even the greeting post is awesome🍎 I’ll look forward to the posts to come ❤️❤️

HAM: Nice post~^^ I’m purchasing cool blog accounts, starting at 10

Yves: 1 billion

HAM: That’s expensive.. ㅜㅜ Young lady, give me a discount~ It’s called love

Ko Minyoung: Imagining unnie with her heart pounding after making this first post gives me a grandmotherly smile

Yves: What if I’m still pounding ㅠ

Ko Minyoung: Unnie fighting, I wish unnie will always live a happy life where your heart races for new things and feel a pleasant excitement

Yves: I don’t take advertisements


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Jun 10, 2023

si ha sooyoung nyo tita

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