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LOONA '[1st World Tour: Seoul]' Concert VCR: Letters from LOONA


The first world tour of around two months!

As we toured many countries and regions and met the fans at last,

And watching crying Orbits, I realize how long we have awaited this moment…

Grateful to be able to perform in front of the people I love

At this Seoul finale concert, I will really think

As if this is my last performance

And treat it with that mindset.

Orbit I love you lots, so so much


So many Orbits came to the concert

And thanks to you I was able to become a shining presence on stage

Back at the February concert and now at this concert

I think my gratitude to Orbits has stayed the same

Thank you for making it possible for me to feel this gratitude

I want to keep having these fun,

And joyful concerts together with my Orbits

Orbits are my family-sha~❤️ Love you-sha~❤️


Orbit!! How was our concert today?!

It was the first world tour so I was really nervous but

I feel good that I got to spend happy times with the members and my Orbits.

Singing solo for the first time in a while, and watching the members’ solos too,

I was tearing up..Heh

Until the end! Enjoy and have fun before you go!!

Be my fan for as long as you live Orbit-⭐


It was like a dream to have a happy time at a Korean concert after so long!

I was so happy to spend a nice time together with many Orbits

I think it’s so special that even speaking different languages, a single song can bring us together into one! :) I was happy :)


The dreamlike first world tour is over

It feels like we’re wrapping up with a final concert in Seoul so it’s really nice

In many ways, to the Korean Orbits too

I want to express my great gratitude

And I hope we’ll have a fun time together!

I really received so much love from Orbits through the tour

Thank you for always waiting

Kim Lip

Orbits! Did you enjoy and have fun?

For the Orbits who waited, it was nice to be able to say not “I miss you”, but “I’ve missed you” instead

This is a performance that we’re showing Orbits once more after returning from the tour

So I felt a lot of relief but also disappointment that ‘This is really the end now!’

Though you may be far, yet from the nearest place you cheer for me and for Loona, and thank you so much for that❤️

Thank you so much for spending precious time with us today also, and let’s build more memories together!!


A world tour that we began with international Orbits

Wraps up in Seoul with domestic Orbits❤️

It was a world tour that I’d anticipated for a long time, and to think

That we’ve run to the finish line.. It’s been such a dream-like time

I was so happy as to

Wonder if it’s okay for me to receive this much love,

And I think it’ll remain a pretty memory for the rest of my life

Orbits who were with us! Always thank you, and love you❤️

And my precious members, everyone who helped us

Thank you-! ❤️


Unfortunately due to my bad condition I wasn’t able to be with you for the end

And I’ve felt so guilty to Orbits, and upset..

But I was so thankful to the members who filled my spot so fully,

And I again realized how precious the members are..❤️

In the future I will come meet you again in an awesome way in a better condition❤️

Thank you for waiting, and thank you for cheering me on❤️

Love you Orbits❤️ Love you members❤️


Starting with the domestic concert early this year

There have been so many moments to be grateful for, yes?

They have been frantically busy moments but

At the center of the reason I was able to feel happiness several times greater

Is my Orbits✨

Thank you for letting me feel and learn so many different emotions-

Will you continue to be with me?

Go Won

Moments spent together with my Orbits who have always sent encouragement and love

Are always joyful and happy❤️

Performing while locking eyes with Orbits

Was truly like a dream❤️

My Orbits! Love you more than anything in the world ❤️_❤️

And thanks for coming to see us today too❤️

Let’s be together every day❤️ Orbits are the best!

Olivia Hye

Being able to repay the love you’ve sent from afar for a long time made this a time of happiness and growth

A lot has happened since February, and it was nice to see you again like this

I will remember this moment for a long time

Thank you always from the bottom of my heart, Orbit❤️



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