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[LOONA+] Chat Log with Olivia Hye & Yves (Frequency of the Moon 36) (210208)

(Olivia Hye)

Hyeju start

I'm not Fakevia ㅡ


Who knows what this is




My typing isn't fast ㅜ

Oh is this fast?

I had dinner earlier

You can listen again

Konjac rice is tasty

Sultteok rice cake was the best

Watermelon game with Gureum, okay

I do take film camera photos too

When I finish the paint by numbers

I'll show you

I haven't developed them yet

Haven't finished taking them

I don't play computer games these days

I probably can't sleep early tonight

Orbits should sleep early

And I read letters on the official fancafe every day

I want to write comments on each one

The letters you send by mail too

I want to reply

to each one

These days sometimes I sleep early

sometimes late

I'm not a princess ㅡㅡ

Chicken breast is good too

I'm not a baby ㅡㅡ

I do have a restaurant of my life

It's a malatang place

But it's a secret


I add guo ba rou of course

After chatting I'm heading to the dorm

With malatang, sweet potato rice cake is the real deal

Not used to stage name yet....

I quit Americano because I couldn't sleep

Song to listen to before bed, mm

Hoody sunbaenim's song

Cookie Run OvenBreak

I was upset when the IEM fell out

If I sing a line can Orbits hear.....?

I use the macaron flavored cookie a lot


It's the hardest thing to drink lots of water

That's not true [Q: I heard you attempted to make yourself cute with Werewolf cookie is that true?]

I do like red vinegar

While doing FOTM, a warm tea

I drank

Yuja tea is good

I prefer essays [Q: Prefer essays or novels or poems]

Don't like vanilla latte that much

Orbits you stay healthy too

After finishing the paint by number first

Some other stuff

I'm thinking of trying

I'm heading off now

Sleep tight Orbits

Don't be sick




I'm Yibu

hi hi

I love you too Mongja


Brick, hi ㅋ

Sooyoungie Slurp..? You're going to eat me..? ㅠ

Red Riding Hood [Akazuchin] Chacha..

Redhead Yibu [of Green Gables] has a sad story..

Gam-nim, I'll post more

What kind of selfies do you want

Jungeunah [Galaxy] Express 999, thank you 💗💕

Cheese Kitty Meuaang, meuaang ㅜ Yibu was so scared..

Chemi-Exploding-nim, got it, I'll prepare some

Chopa, today I'm wearing a short sleeve turtleneck knit and shearling coat, jeans, MLB cap

I'll take a pic of Haneul too togetherrrr

So thankful for all the letters

Seriously Orbit letters are best sellers to me

Lunch menu rec.. Today I ate shabu-shabu with Gowon so eat shabu-shabu

Gam, I will be waiting right here

Books ... I can't focus these days soㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋ I've been reading Tirade of Comfort that I was reading before

You know film photos?? I'm trying to do that consistently but it's hard to be consistent ㅠ

PointFiveGranny, I do like sirak [radish leaf] soup

No I love Granny more

Sooyoungie Slurp, today's song rec... Sole-nim's Nothing

ChuuAeongieAeong, hey what's up💕

Gramps!!!!! I love Gramps too💕

I'm gonna go home after practicing, Mandu-nim


Okdongju, I miss you too ㅠㅠ

I'm happy that we can interact even briefly like this

You keep thanking me every time

But there are so many things I've learned thanks to Orbits

so I'm even more thankful!!!

Mimi-nim! I loved Jaurim sunbaenim's I'm a Fan

GrannyBora 💗

Orbits it's so cold isn't it ㅠ Careful not to catch a cold

And I'll become a really really good person so Orbits can have more strength and be proud

People I'm always thankful for ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ

Today's VLive was full of gross words,, flying around but

I should chat elegantly

I love youuuu

My baby Orbits too

This unnie/nuna loves you lots

I ate a lot today

KimMyam-nim you're not going coo, I know you had chicken and beer

Pay me 200k won, I covered my belly today ㅎㅋ

Hint, 💗

I called your name


Warm Belly Sooyoungie = WBS

GaeGo = GaeWonGoBul [refer to FOTM 35]

No, now that I turned 25 my belly button asked me to cover it.. It's cold..

They say I have to go now..0

Orbit I love you lots

I'm gonna be back so

be healthy until thennn

Waterbottle, don't cry ㅜ

Chopa Kongnyang Flatfish Paengdori ChemiExploding Hiyabfart GirlofLastMonth Malkong SooyoungIt'sUnnie. Goodbye everyone💗💗💗💗💗✌️

Wish I could call out all of you


Sooyoungie is off🏊‍♀️



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