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[LOONA+] Chat Log with Yeojin (Frequency of the Moon 63) (211122)



Good to see you

What are you up to!


[Voice] What are you up to~ What are you up to!

[Voice] No but I want to save the GIFs, but I can't on iPhone so I'm sad!


I miss you

I ate cake

Love iPhone

Not really craving late night snack today


A night when I'm missing Orbits


Can't find any night photos

Can't find one

Right right

[Photo of the onesie]

[Photo of the onesie]



[Voice] I love this outfit so much, what do I do? I can't take this off. Tough times. I can't take it off! [Fan manager laughs next to her]



My representative animal

Please change it to a bear

I'll be the human teddy bear ㅠㅠ

Fan manager onnie next to me

It's a bear....

A bear....

Bear... Love it 🐻🐻🐻🐻

I have lots of teddy bears too ❤️🐻❤️🐻

Having to submit your phone must be toughㅠ


Froggy Yeojin

It's not bear skin...

Orbit but make sure to eat your meals

Got it?

It's really cold these days

Oh my....

Orbits have interesting taste

How could you like the glasses better...

[Voice] Orbit, if you don't eat your meals I'm gonna chase you down. Really.

I'll wear them often~~~


Don't have glasses selfies

Because I'm always bare-faced when I have glasses on~~~~~~~~

Don't die... Orbitsㅠㅠㅠ

I love you

[Voice] Ah, I really don't say things like this, but I really love you. I'm shy to say it. Embarrassing. Embarrassing! Embarrassing.

I'm so shy

It's embarrassing

I love you really

Thanks so much for being at my side

Anyway I love you




I'm really gonna go now


Gonna go

[Voice] Orbit, I'm gonna go for real. Because I broke so many promises with fan manager unnie today, so I can't do it again, I'd feel so bad. I sent so many photos, went over 20 minutes longer in VLive, I did a lot, so I'm gonna go now, Orbit~

[Voice] You've done so well today, and sleep well! Love you!

[Voice] [Kisses] Love you! Good night! I'm so embarrassed!




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