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[LOONA+] Chat Log with Yves & Vivi (Frequency of the Moon 45) (210319)



It's Yibu

Good to see you

Thank you


Yang guo fu...

I recommend...

You had fun today??!!ㅠㅠ

I messed upㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sob

Sorry Mom


What are Orbits doing now

My mom has so many daughters-in-law


See you all at the reservoir^^*

Watch Mouse Orbits!! It's so entertaining

Assignments... Do you want me to do them for you ㅠ

I can use Doraemon PPT template right?,,

Ah was it otter

I don't know but I'll do it for you%^

No the Renaissance font? ㅠ I'll use that

I'm good at making PowerPoints ^^

I do accept math assignments

But I can't guarantee good grade

Because I'm on humanities side ^^

Why is working life difficult for you ㅠㅠㅍ

Who is bothering you??????

Humanities l o u d a n d p r o u d

These days I'm

learning MIDI finally~~!~!

I used to do it on my own but

now that I'm actually learning it's more fun

And learning English...!

It's tough having to use my brain after so long\%^..

Orbits are so impressive

What else do I do these days

What kinds of things

I'm so crazy into Mouse lately

If any of you happen to know the writer of Mouse

Please save my life

My curiosity can't wait another week

Sung Yo-han... Why did you cry after being shot...

I can stomach more things these days

Amazing;; I can eat while watching now

Hmm what else do I watch these days...

Vincenzo?!!! I watched a little bit

I thought it was good!?!

I'm musk lover

Orbits I miss youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I wish I could see my professor's face too

Wish I could do Zoom lectures,,,

I wish I could see my professor's cat too,,

The puppies on the street these days are so cute


If only I could kiss them 500 times

All puppies kitties animals hope you can be happy

A while ago this stray cat was meowing at me

So I booked it and bought some canned food

And then this baby after all that aegyo

When I fed it

It scratched me

Didn't want to be bothered while eating,,

Still you adorable thing,,,

I walk that way every day just see you,,,,

Even if you'll scratch me, come out please..^^


Orbits wow the time pressure is really strong on this


There's so much I want to say

But I wasted all the time prioritizing ㅠ


Ask questions please!!!!

Please look forwad to tomorrow's performance❤️

I love you too, Waterbottle! Waterbottle one-shot

Mongja, I kept remaking and scrapping my vlog, sorry

Every time I film something I don't like my face in it

So I delete,,,

I'll try filming some more ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Song these days

G.Soul sunbaenim's Hate Everything

Se So Neon sunbaenim's A Long Dream!!.

No but Hwang Soyoon sunbaenim..? Her birthday is one day off from mine, destiny

I vow to meet her someday

Jannabi sunbaenim's Dreams, Books, Power and Walls

Those would be the bedtime songs!

I do read the hash letters


I miss Orbits ㅠㅠㅠ

I'm always so grateful

When I'm sad you become my strength

Lovely Orbits

You're the best

Thanks to Orbits always I can do anything!!!!

Love you💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

As for gifts, just the intent is enough


Send it to my heart

I covered my belly button today

Bye Orbits sweet dreams



Love you!!!

Write me lots of letters!!! Tell me lots of things you want to see hehe

I'm really going now

Sleep well🥰



It's Vivi

It's Bbi-haeng ㅋ

What are you all doing now

I went hiking again about two weeks ago

You're all so busy


I do want to try other mountains

Biking too

I like Han River these days

It takes 3 hours, the mountain

Right, lots of particulate matter so everyone be careful

Our members kept reminding about ChuuCanDoIt too ㄱㅋㄲㅋㅋ

After KCON it's cheating time

These days I like banana avocado kale milk

So tasty

On cheat day I gotta eat chicken ㅋ

It's so good try making it sometime

I'll film a video sometime 🥰

Should I film a health video

My Loona Log is still clumsy but I'll try another one

Let's be strong everyone


Thank you so much

I love you so much

For telling me such sweet things all the time❤️

I want to see you soon

KCON tomorrow

See you there💕

We prepped hard for tomorrow

Heart pounding already just thinking about it

I think it's been so long since Orbits have gotten to see ㅠㅜ

Please look upon us kindly><

Quickly quickly, lots and lots

I want to see you

See you all tomorrow

Eating lots of tasty things and watching Loona performance

That's Orbit schedule tomorrow

we always love orbit💕


Sleep well




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