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[LOONATHEWORLD] in Seoul Photobook - Rolling Paper Poster

For Heejin


The Ambition Rabbit whose ambition keeps growing bigger


Hello sunbaenim. ^^

Thank you for always showing a pro-like demeanor ^^


Oongnie :) Thank you so much for staying by the members’ side as the reliable Dangun-nim who never changes. When I see unnie who is so warm, I feel like I should also become a warm person and be good to other people just like unnie is :) Please keep being my strength from my side for the rest of our lives >< I will also be the reliable maknae who can be helpful to unnie~

I love you oongnie ♡


Keep goin’ my way Ay~

My favorite hair is Heejin’s dark hair~ ♡

Kim Lip


I noticed you didn’t cry tears.. Felt like you’ve gotten a lot tougher than I thought

You’ve grown up so well..


Hi Heejin I wonder if this rolling paper is anonymous? I’m sure you already know from the handwriting but.. Anyway I’ve gotten even more curious about something recently

You definitely said you’re not working out anymore

So why are your abs becoming even more defined?

When you eat so well too..

How jealous I am..

You must be doing ab workouts at least right..?

Why don’t you tell me your secrets

Even though I don’t know if I’ll follow through heheh


To Jeon Hwihyeol

Hi Hwihyeol

It’s Yibu unnie. At last our tour is over and we get this time to write rolling papers.

It’s really not an easy thing to lead choreography, but because I had you, throughout this whole tour it felt so reliable.

Let’s keep staying together tightly, just like we are now ♥️ I love you ♥️

Go Won

Jeon Heejin.

When it came to your photos I looked at them twice each.

Beautiful… ^^ ♥️

Olivia Hye

You worked so hard on the tour

It must have been so great to have the birthday party with Orbits~~

For Hyunjin


Hallo Hyunjin

I feel like we haven’t been going outside to hang out that often

I miss those days when the two of us used to go on dates so much

Let’s get back out to Garosu-gil leggo~!



Aeongie keeps getting prettier~

You were a baby, when did you grow up so much ㅜ


Unnie thank you so much for always making the members happy with your randomness! Let’s keep having fun and getting along well :) Hwaiting


Aeong-ah do you want bread or cheesecake~? Let’s go hang out ㅋㅋ

Kim Lip

I could feel just how much Hyunjin cares about Loona

Thank you


Hi Hyunjinah when this tour ended, once again I realized how amazing your stamina is. I already knew it was great but it was so awesome to see you go swimming and work out at the gym between performances,,👍

When you cried as you gave your speech at the encore concert, it made me a little sad, because normally you only show yourself being strong. Even in normal times, it’s okay to say words instead of just exhaling from your nose ^_^


To Hyunjin

Hi Hyunjin ♥️

You are so awesome and I’m so proud of you for quietly enduring the difficult schedule so well! My dear Hyunjin, who makes me laugh with your random commentary ㅋㅋㅋ Let us keep making each other laugh ♥️ Thanks 🙂

Go Won

Hi Hyunjin

Your bleached hair that I got to see for the first time on this tour…

Please do purple hair next time

I’ll be waiting… ♥️

Olivia Hye

So the day has come when neither of us have black hair. Fascinating

For Haseul


Hallo Chwaseul unnie

I’ve been telling you I’ll buy you a meal for n years and how long have I been putting it off for 😂

Neejinie is really really x100 going to buy that meal hehe

We gotta go get food >_<


The eardrum girl-person-friend who seeps into you


Unnie-ya! I’ve been leaning a lot on unnie since before debut, and I think me growing up this much is all thanks to unnie. Watching me closely from the side, taking good care of me, comforting me, at times giving me stinging advice, for all that I’m so so thankful to unnie! Like a real sister, please keep staying by my side. Because unnie is my number 1.. I hope unnie feels the same way 😙I love you my dulgi (pigeon)


It was fun to perform Everyday I Love You together for the first time in so long, and I went on a trip down memory lane ㅋㅋ

Kim Lip

Haseul unnie

No more crying from now on,

Let’s laugh a lot, together :)


Hi Cho Haseul! Now that I’m trying to write you a letter, I feel like something serious is about to come out of me,, therefore I will not write one! Just kidding but I’ll just write whatever comes to mind

As we went on this tour I feel like I was able to gain a little bit of? Strength thanks to you keukeu. As you read this I’m sure you’ll be like ‘What did I do for her..?’ but mm.. If I were to describe it! Given the situation you were in, you could have just tried to ‘endure’ rather than ‘enjoy’, but seeing you find ways to enjoy everything somehow and finish things so as to not leave any regrets - this is kind of cringe but I felt like those things lit a fire on my own passion and motivation too. As a friend and as a colleague, that was so awesome to me, and you’ve worked so hard ⭐


To Haeseulie.

Ya Cho Haseul~

Literally the person I worried about the most this whole tour was you

You finished out the entire tour schedule with a shoulder that wouldn’t have been crazy to get surgery on any day, and I’m so amazed and in awe. As a same-aged friends and leaders, I’m so thankful that I get to rely on you every time, and just like now whenever we have worries or difficult things, let’s have lots of conversations. I love you, f·o·r·e·v·e·r…

Go Won

The voice of heaven…

Do you know how I feel whenever I listen to Let Me In, so overwhelmed that I’m weeping on the inside…?

The first day I heard you live.

I still cannot forget…

Olivia Hye

Thanks to unnie I also mustered up courage and got lasik-!

For Yeojin


Hallo Imyeojin

These days you’ve been doing a lot more aegyo to this unnie, you’re cute~ ㅎㅋ

No matter how much time passes and how old you get

I think once a maknaengie, always a maknaengie ㅋㅋ

Please don’t grow up!


Our very own maknae, no one else like her



You are now turning 22.

Let’s get rid of those stuffed dolls now ^^


Yeojin baby when did you grow up like this!?

Don’t grow up~

Kim Lip

As I watched Yeojin’s Kiss Later

I realized you’ve grown so much

Don’t grow any more!!!

Still a maknae is always maknae :) ♡


Hi Maknaengie-ya

You’re growing so mature, and sometimes when I see photos I get surprised

Even just a few months ago I at least got the sense of ‘She’s still a baby’

But these days it’s like you’ve become a (real!) adult..?

Still, if only in Loona, you know you are the maknae forever, right? Heheh Im Yeojinie, I’m not really the type to express all this, but I’m watching you always, you know? You eat so little and so you keep losing weight and because of that you keep getting sick! I worry because you are so frail, baby,, Make sure to eat your meals on time with healthy food. I don’t do that either but I’m telling you this because you get sick often ㅎ_ㅎ


To Maknaengie.

Hi Yeojin-ah, it’s Yibu unnie~

You worked so hard on this whole tour, on a painful ankle even.

But you still pulled it off well, and the unnies can rely on you. I’m so grateful and proud of you.

When things are hard always tell this unnie!

Let’s keep going well!

I love you!

Yibu unnie.

Go Won


Do not grow up too quickly…

This unnie is a little sad…

Please grow up as the maknae girl for a long long time to come…

Olivia Hye

Next year let’s be a Yeojin who grows and matures even more ^^!

For Vivi


Hallo Bbihaeng

Our Bbi-haeng who grows prettier all the time

Sometimes when I look at old photos

My heart gets soft, thinking ‘Quite many years have passed since I’ve been with unnie..’

Let’s keep being together ♥️


Our deer unnie who possesses sparkling pretty eyes



Our big unnie. Thanks for always being our strength ♡


Oongnie-ya ♡ Ever since I was a baby you took care of me like a mom, and I’ve been so thankful :)

Thanks to unnie I was able to endure a long time without being lonely. Thank you so much. I’ll make sure to be a dongsaeng who repays it!

I love you ♡

Kim Lip

Vivi unnie

I say this all the time,

But for always quietly being there

And telling us so many warm words to our members, thank you :) ♡


Hi onnie

I realized on this tour that unnie’s stamina is even better than I thought ㅋㅋㅋ

I wrote something similar for Hyunjin too, but with Hyunjin I already knew she had great stamina so it was more like ‘As expected,,’ but with unnie, you made me curious like, ‘What kind of stamina does unnie possess!’..? Anyway I thought it was amazing, seriously!

Also, as we were flying around I feel like you must have thought about home a lot.. Someday I hope we’ll get the chance to have a concert in unnie’s hometown!

Lastly, those shrimp wontons? Is that right? That unnie ate on the tour. Anyway I cannot forget that food.. Tell me later about some places that do those well heheh


To Vivi unnie

Hi unnie!

The tour that we’ve travelled on together has ended at last

You’ve worked so hard, and going forward

Let’s be strong together and hwaiting!

Thanks ♡=

Go Won

Everyday I Love You…

I always have my eyes on stealing this song…

Olivia Hye

The bangs look really good on you

However I am Team No-Bangs Vivi ^^

For Kim Lip


Hallo Kimulippu-san

Among our members’ unnie line, you’re the unnie that I can treat the most easily like a [same-aged] friend and I love that ♡ Also I’m really jealous of unnie’s perspective, the way you know how to look at everything in a beautiful lens.

I hope we’ll get more of those songs written in unnie’s sentimentality!


LOONA’s (standout) vocal tone queen Queen Lip


Hey Jungeun at this point let’s dye your hair to black

I’m getting a little worried.

But also I’m jealous of how good it looks on you whenever you dye your hair.


Libunnie :) Hello!

Sometimes I have a hard time adjusting because you can be both adorable and full of charisma, but every time I see you I’m so jealous of how pretty unnie is ♡

Pretty voice, big eyes, I feel like unnie is pretty everywhere and there’s nothing missing ♡

Unnie please always be healthy and let’s keep getting along well ♡

I love you :)


We have to go get shabu-shabu~

When are we going~


Hi Jungeun it is now OEC’s turn..

These are the times when I realize we have so many members ㅋㅋㅋ

Sorry to write stuff like this on your turn.. But it’s so moving to me 🙂

Anyway! With you I feel like I share a lot of serious conversations and worries all the time, so I don’t know what to write on here.. Heheh I shall just print down whatever comes to mind.

When I talk with you, I think it’s nice because we connect well in so many ways

You and I are both awkward when it comes to expressing ourselves, but at this point I think we know everything without expressing it! Right? Thinking back, I feel like we’ve never met to hang out just the two of us. Am I just not remembering-?

Let’s meet up and hang out ^__^ Schedule a date~!


To Jungeunie

Lip-ah hellow it’s Yibu unnie

You worked so hard all throughout the tour

I’m so thankful that us Leaders can always rely on each other ♥️

Make sure to tell this unnie whenever you have a hard time!

You always protect my self-esteem..

I love you :) ♡=

Go Won

She who sets a fire to the hearts of women…. (Men too, of course…)

You are so pretty and awesome….

-From one woman out of many-

Olivia Hye

Unnie I feel like you gotta stop dyeing your hair too..

Comeback as dark hair Kim Lip

For Jinsoul


Hallo JinSSoul unnie

Truly.. Sometimes thy demeanor, like an elementary schooler or kindergartener, leaves me dumbfounded butㅋㅋ

On the other hand, you also know how to warmly comfort the members as an unnie and that’s so cool to me.

Should I also go Jeon Soul


The fish-unnie that I love the very most in the world


Jinsoul, on the outside you might seem brusque

But you take care of the dongsaengs. Thank you


Uhngnie! I like uhngnie so much

Thanks so much for adoring me and taking good care of me while pretending not to like a tsundere and being so warm to me

If I were to be stranded on an uninhabited island I want to go with you

That’s how dependable unnie is for me ♡ Please keep taking good care of me unnie

I love you ♡


I wonder if a J-type protractor kind of person

Is also that much a planner when playing games?

Kim Lip

Jinsoul unnie

No matter how much I prank you and get bratty with you

You always accept it all, so thank you :)

But.. Stop touching my butt!! ㅋㅋㅋ


To Jindolie

Hi Jindol-ah.

Hyeju says I should write on here that your eyelash perm came out well. You did it four days ago I see.

Yesterday I took a bath in the mini tub ㅋ Reminds me of the days when we used the same room. When neither of us said a word ㅋ That’s how you know you’re really close! Thx always.


Go Won

Unnie, even in practice not to mention the performance, your expressions were totally a pro’s…

I will learn diligently under you… ^^

Olivia Hye

Egoists ^^ while unnie was rapping I was able to rest for a little bit ^^

For Yves


Hallo Yibu unnie

Thy mul-tteok.. Tuna mayo over rice.. Kimchi fried rice.. Egg soup.. I miss it, miss it so much…

I wish I could borrow unnie’s hands to make you tasty food in return. *Kneading*

Love you always. Luv you. ♡


Tough on the outside but soft on the inside, swan-unnie who’s full of emotion


Ha Sooyoung.

Every time things are hard for me

I think I endure because you’re next to me. Thanks. ♥️

That’s from the bottom of my heart.


Oongnie! Even before our full group debut

I started learning so much from unnie and relying on you a lot, and as we’ve been promoting like that look at all the time that’s passed!

Unnie takes such good and thoughtful care of me and I was always moved and grateful each time, and it’s so nice that I get to tell you like this!

Thanks so much unnie, for making me lots of tasty meals and listening to my problems and being so good to me!

Let’s stay healthy in the future, and let us become happy!


So skinny

Eat lots of meals and tasty things~

Kim Lip

Yves unnie

The way you always work hard is so cool :)

That effort is going to shine someday, I promise

I’ll root for unnie’s future ♡


Hi Ha Sooyoungie! It felt like this writing to Haseul too, but why do I get serious all of a sudden when I try to write to same-aged friends.. There’s something more that’s hard to explain because we’re same-aged friends! Hahaha anyway to get into it, I think what’s cool about our Sooyoungie is always being so passionate and full effort at everything. To achieve perfection, putting in infinite effort no matter how many times, how many hours it takes..! And yet you’re never satisfied in yourself, which I understand (based on my own experience), but in my eyes, you were truly great. I’m being serious! I never tell you things like this normally, but it’s so nice to be able to tell you on this occasion! I’m going to be both your friend and your fan ♥️

Go Won

Yves unnie, until we’re 100 years old

Let’s live together healthy… ^^

The best leader-girl…^^

On that note, for your next birthday

A studded pair of sunglasses… For your charisma…

That will be my gift… ♡

Olivia Hye

You’re thinking so hard next to me right now

It’s cute~~!

For Go Won


Hallo Ko Won pwincess

I like you so much, the way you’re the definition of an elegant butterfly on the outside

But actually a clown when we get to know you.

That’s why I want to make sure I keep you by my side >_<

You are so adorable aingg

Kissy kisses smooch 💋💋 ♡


Go Won who’s as light as a butterfly, I hope you fly free onwards ♡


Hey Go Won. Sometimes I think you’re more grown-up than I am.

Whenever that happens I learn a lot ha



Goaengs ♡♡

I like you so much, like a lot

Can you please accept my feelings now

Still, I’m really happy because I have unnie!

I’m always thankful because you’re an unnie whose very existence gives me strength ♡

Keep taking good care of me please 🙂


We’ve got matching hair~

This hair looks good on you~

Kim Lip


I enjoyed that One&Only. ^_^ ♡

The only solo song out of the 11 others that I cannot dance to..

To this day whenever you act shy

I’m reminded of those days

You’ve adapted well now and for that I

T h a n k y o u ♡


Hi Park Go Wonㅋㅋㅋ I feel like we see each other more often on days without schedules. And we call and text a lot too!

But I wonder if I’m the only one who initiates these chats…

If I never ask you to hang out, would you never see me..?

Like as I’m writing this suddenly it feels that way..?

The day you read this, please answer this question for me T_T

Anyway! Even though we talk almost every day and hang out often, I feel like we still always have fun and never run out of things to talk about. Even better that our food tastes align and we have similar energy!

As long as you feel the same way as meㅋㅋㅋ Let’s keep hanging out. Even when we’re not going anywhere or doing something special, it just makes me so happy when I hang out in peace with you heheh

I hope one day Go Won will ask me to hang out first.. ⭐


To Go Won.

Hi Go Won.

As I’m looking at the sunglasses that Hyeju is wearing

I am reminded of the sunglasses wrapped in bubble wrap that you gave me for my birthday…

It had been a very long time since I had received such a poorly packaged gift

It was a shock, no like, a refreshing shock.

I’m always thankful and I’m looking forward to your gift


Olivia Hye

I was able to get through the tour because I shared a room with you unnie…^^

For Olivia Hye


Hallo Oreubia Hye

Finally.. The last one…

Our Hyeju who’s so cute, you’re really born to be a dongsaeng but sometimes when I hear the words you use you seem like an elder too

How old are you really..?

Anyways you did a great job this year too~


LOONA’s best Senpaku eyes

Fiery charisma Olivia Hye~


Hey Hyeju, I can’t forget the way you looked arriving on set wearing sunglasses after getting Lasik done. I never will forget it :)


Hyeju unnie♡ It’s my first time writing a letter? Like this, I’m embarrassed

You take good care of me like a tsundere and play along whenever I tease you, so I’m always thankful for unnie!

Can you please eat with me just once.. Tsk I’ve never eaten with unnie even once before.. Makes me sad.. Just kidding! Let’s do well together going forward too! Don’t get sick and let’s laugh even more! Let’s be happy unnie, thanks so much!


Hyeju’s chic is cool but her c u t i e is pretty too~

Kim Lip


I’m awed by you, who accomplishes anything and everything so quietly

Keep taking good care of me Wolf.. ^_^ ♡


Hi Hyeju-yam, this rolling paper gets to be wrapped up awesomely with you

Sometimes when I realize that you are four whole years younger than me, you look so mature and cool to the point that it’s fascinating. Your caring side that comes out of your aloofness and chicness is such a charm too. I feel like you have the personality that I want out of myself, so I’m jealous and I like you so much ♡ Also, watching you have such a hard time, when you normally almost never say anything about having it hard, it made me worry even more. I know you have a dependable real older sister, but if anything comes up that’s hard to tell family, I’ll be that cool unnie for you too ㅎ_ㅎ

Going forward, those aegyos that you only show to me ㅎㅎㅎ Keep showing me lots of those ㅋ


To Hyeja.

At this moment you are eating baby butt bread.

And wearing sunglasses.

You are so amusing no matter how much I look at you.

Dear Hyeja, who always gives me joy.

Sometimes like an unnie, sometimes like a same-aged friend

In this way, let us stay together ‘f.o.r.e.v.e.r’...

Maybe this sounds like a curse but it isn’t


Go Won

I think… Sunglasses look really good on you… ^^

As expected of the best celebrity…^^

Unassailable v.i.b.e.



Feb 07, 2023

Thank you so much for translating and posting this. They have an unbreakable bond.


Jan 17, 2023

These messages to each other surely reveal “the ties that bind” of their caring friendship built from all that they’ve gone through together as Loona❣️


Obe Obe
Obe Obe
Jan 17, 2023

Well this definitely just made me cry...

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