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Loossemble Debut 100th Day Anniversary Messages (231224)



They say it's 100 days since our debut today~

Ulleri Kkolleri~ [T/N: *teasing*]

The group with a monster rookie debut where pros have gathered up, Loossemble~!

Let's stick together all the way~ up until 1000, 10000 days!

I'm always thankful for you and I love you

C.Loos are the best ♡


C.Loo! It's Luby ♡ hehe

They say it's already 100 days since our debut!

Feels like just the other day when we debuted but

I'm happy that we've been able to be with C.Loo for 100 days!

I hope we can continue being together ♡

Thank you C.Loo ♡

From baby Loossemble Yeojin >_<


Loossemble's 100 day celebration ♡

C.Loo, I think these 100 days have happily zoomed~ past because you've been with us!

Thank you for always supporting and loving us, and I love you too

Go Won

C.Loos! It's 100 days for us, Loossemble

I'm really happy that I've been able to meet C.Loos ♡

It's only been 100 days so far, so there should be many days together ahead of us, right?!

I love you C.Loo~ ♡

- Go Won -


Hi Siloos. It's Hyeju

It's been 100 days for Loossemble!!

While racking up happy and fun memories,

it's already been 100 days.

There's many things we still haven't done yet,

so let's get through those

Happy 100 days, Ssenburis ㅋ

[T/N: Ssenburis: "strong flames", sounds similar to Ssemblies]



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