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Loossemble - Loossemble: Thanks-To Messages (230915)


It’s such an honor to meet good people again and join them for a new beginning. So many people have helped us get to this point

I will always work hard to become an upstanding artist, with a sense of gratitude. Please look forward to much from our activities to come! Thank you


Hello! It’s C.Loos’ eternal maknae, Yeojin! After solo debut and full group debut and a new challenge, I’m so glad to debut with a new team and release a cherished album! It’s an album we’ve worked hard to prepare for our C.Loos who have been waiting for a long time, so I hope that many people will love our album very much!^_^ I think our Soonsoo team and style team who always make the members look pretty, and the company that always trusts in us, have helped me prepare even more diligently! Please keep taking good care of us. I like you C.Loo


We have prepared many things for our new beginning, and this album was able to come out well thanks to so many people lending us strength and cheering us on during this process. CTD folks, A&R team, hair and makeup stylists, choreo team, and our fans, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I ask for much love and attention

Go Won

Hello, this is Go Won. First of all I would like to say thank you to our C.Loos who have trusted and waited for Go Won’s new journey. And our CTD family who have worked so hard solely for Loossemble, and Soonsoo stylists who have been our self-esteem guardians by our side through the hard times, thank you! Thank you to all the staff who joined us for Loossemble’s beginning and helped us through night and day. Thanks to you, I am no longer afraid to take each step that I do. Once again, thank you! Our C.Loos! And members, I love you♡


I sincerely thank everyone who helped us until the release of the album. And thanks to the fans who waited, I was able to rise to the challenge once again. This is an album that you have made for us. Please love it and cherish it



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