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[Music] ARTMS <Dall> Album & Song Descriptions

Album Description

Decided as if they were destined, five girls stand on a new starting line, putting forward the name of ARTMS. Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry restarted ODD EYE CIRCLE, and with the release of their new album <VERSION UP>, successfully concluded their North America and Europe tours, and Heejin's solo album <K> was plenty to make Korea's beauty be known. Then, Haseul successfully completed a solo concert over four days in Seoul showing her growth as a performing-type idol. With this warm-up completed, ARTMS is finally releasing its first full album <Dall>, which speaks about the paradox of blessing and cruelty in love and life.


The intro track ‘url’ is also like a ritual ceremony done in order to reach the title track, ‘Virtual Angel’. Like a url that we must encounter to go anywhere on the internet. Beginning with Kim Lip’s narration, the energetic rhythm that spills out connotes the dynamics of the album.

Virtual Angel

For the title track ‘Virtual Angel’, EL CAPITXN and Vendors, who have made songs such as 'Generation' and ‘Girls Never Die’ for the junior Modhaus group tripleS, joined forces for ARTMS. Against a backdrop of Euro-dance with Y2K sensibilities, piling on a holy vibe that one might hear ring out in a church, a dance track with a never-before-heard new feeling was created.

The idea of virtual presence and the development of AI are now coming into reality. A question is asked through this song: perhaps the entities known as idols, which we have consumed through TVs and phones, were virtual this entire time? From the perspective of others, the emotions of love and relationship towards idols may not constitute a true relationship, but between idol and fan, perhaps that emotion was wholly love. ARTMS sings that emotions formed over the screen can be real, not just virtual.


‘Sparkle’ musically depicts the sparks of twinkling emotion. We say “sparks are flying” as a figure of speech for love; how many fireworks take place in the course of our love? Nervous excitement is etched in through the ARTMS members’ voices.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

This song was held so preciously as a title track that it had been internally determined to be the title track for ARTMS’ next album. Rather than being saved for later, it was added to this album in order to raise the quality of ARTMS’ first full album. Producer G-High, who made LOONA’s representative song ‘Butterfly’, gifted this song to the members, and it contains a beat that will be loved by all fans, existing or new.

Flower Rhythm

The second pre-release track ‘Flower Rhythm’ is based on Heejin’s solo album’s title track ‘Algorithm’ and ‘Kehwa’. Borrowing from the rhythms of intro song ‘Kehwa’, which means the blooming of a flower, an ‘Algorithm’, this song was completed as a hybrid dance track. Within the fast-paced rhythm, listeners will be able to enjoy the ARTMS members’ refreshing voices.

Candy Crush

The third pre-release track ‘Candy Crush’ is based on Haseul’s Single ‘Plastic Candy’. It follows the same logic as the second pre-release track ‘Flower Rhythm’ borrowing from ‘Kehwa’ and ‘Algorithm’ from Heejins’ first solo.


The final pre-release track ‘Air’ borrows from ‘Air Force One’ by ODD EYE CIRCLE, a song that tells the growth story of the girls who’ve taken a step higher, to make a dance track by which the five members gather to take a step forward as they finally complete ARTMS. Listeners can enjoy the members’ vocals that pop and bounce over the refreshing melody.


Following ‘Air’, ‘Unf/Air’ sings about the asymmetry of the emotion known as love. Why do you not acknowledge me, when I love you. The song captures this unfairness in a serene and cute way of expression.


‘Distress’ came in a hard-fought second place in the ARTMS pre-release Gravity, but it was such a highly polished song that it was the first song recorded during album preparations. The moment monitoring began in the first recording session, this song became the rulebook for ARTMS’ style.

Butterfly Effect

‘Butterfly Effect’ contains the story of how the fluttering of the wings of LOONA’s ‘Butterfly’ became ARTMS. Inheriting the musical style of LOONA, so unique that one could call the genre itself ‘Butterfly’, as well as the legacy of its music, the song adds wings and flies over as something belonging to ARTMS.


The final song ‘Birth’ won the overwhelming support of the fans and placed first in the pre-release Gravity for ARTMS. And this ‘birth’ in question evidences the existence of ARTMS. The already-released MV contains the aesthetic of ARTMS, in what is considered the most vicious and beautiful videography in K-POP history.



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