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[News] Blockberry Creative makes an additional statement on Chuu's removal from LOONA (221128)

Hello. This is Blockberry Creative.

We would like to additionally explain our position relating to the contents of the notice regarding ‘Removal of Chuu from LOONA’, which was posted on the fancafe on the 25th.

That notice was about explaining the current situation to and asking for understanding from fans who have loved LOONA for a long time, and was not written with the intent of exposing Chuu’s abuse of power to the public and to the media.

In the few days since the notice was posted, there have been articles published demanding the company to ‘provide evidence’ regarding the reasons for Chuu’s removal, or articles with content such as ‘Chuu is not the kind of person to do that’, or ‘The company is victimizing her’. As such, we would like to further explain our position to correct the topic of discourse.

The fan announcement posted around 5pm on November 25 was an announcement to explain the change in Chuu’s status and the cause of her removal to fans and those who support Loona; it was not an exposé.

Stating the cause of removal is a natural course of explanation, but needing to provide the relevant facts and evidence is the right of Chuu herself and the staff who was victimized.

Regarding the facts of the matter, if any party feels wronged about some issue or wishes to rectify an issue, the concerned parties themselves will have to bring it to light; the Company had already finished confirming what happened between Chuu and the staff, and thus we posted the announcement related to that.

Going forward, we ask that you refrain from baseless and speculative reporting related to the announcement post, as well as from malicious comments or rumors that defame the Company. Regarding the verbal abuse and abusive power relationships, if Chuu and the victim are in agreement, we will cooperate in providing the relevant content and evidence.

Furthermore, so that the Loona members may begin group activities without being hurt by the present situation, we once again earnestly ask that you refrain from indiscriminate, baseless and speculative reporting.



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