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[News] E-Daily: Exclusive - Chuu, formerly of LOONA, finally makes a fresh start with BY4M (221128)

[E-Daily Star-in Reporter Kim Hyun-sik]

Chuu (birth name Kim Ji-woo), formerly of the group LOONA, continues her activities at BY4M Studio.

According to the investigation of E-Daily on the 28th, Chuu has made her new home at BY4M Studio, and is receiving support for her activities. BY4M Studio will soon make an official announcement including the acquisition of Chuu and the direction of her future activities.

Chuu stepped foot into the music industry in December 2017 through her solo song released as part of LOONA’s debut project. She started official activities as a LOONA member the following year, and has been steadily increasing her recognition through solo activities.

According to music industry officials, Chuu began preparations to leave her former agency Blockberry Creative and make a fresh start around the end of last year. She also established a corporate entity called ‘Chuu Corporation’ earlier this year.

BY4M Studio, which she has selected as her new home after deep consideration, is a company that has been active in social media-based digital marketing, and is gradually expanding its business into the entertainment industry. It also acquired Major9, which manages artists such as Vibe, Ben, and 4Men. Attention is being drawn towards whether Chuu will be able to continue her prolific activities like before with support from BY4M Studio.

Meanwhile, Blockberry Creative announced on the 25th that it decided to expel and remove Chuu from Loona. Blockberry Creative’s position was that “there were reports of abuse of power by Chuu towards staff including verbal abuse, which were proven upon investigation“. There has been unrest among fans since the removal notice by the agency, but Chuu has not yet released a statement.

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