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[News] Hankook Ilbo: "[Exclusive] LOONA Yves declares ‘going solo’" (230706)

[Exclusive] LOONA Yves declares ‘going solo’... “Grateful for fans who stayed beside during difficult times” (Interview)

Yves, from the girl group LOONA, is setting out on her own. Members of LOONA, who have recently gained independence, have each signed exclusive contracts with new companies and are preparing for new beginnings. After careful deliberation, Yves has decided against accompanying the members and is walking her own path.

[Next two paragraphs provide a recap of recent events]

In order to work on music that contains her unique color, Yves has settled on pursuing solo activities. While it was regretful to break away from the members who had gone through thick and thin together and start working alone, the importance of the moment necessitated a firm decision. Yves met exclusively with the Ilbo to share recent updates and discuss the path she would like to pursue going forward.

A Q&A with Yves follows.

How have you been doing recently?

“Right now I’ve moved out of my dorm, and am living with my sister and adorable cats. There’s space at home to get work done, so I’m splitting time between there and a studio to work and also am having meetings. Going through busy days. I also started a blog recently, and many people seem to enjoy my photos and words so I’ve been writing there diligently and enjoyably. “

Other members have signed contracts with new companies but there’s no news on Yves yet. So many people are curious.

“There were things I couldn’t accomplish given some circumstances that I couldn’t control, and as I worked on composition and lyric-writing, I had the growing sense that I wanted to craft and pursue ‘my unique color’ musically. I don’t have an agency yet, but I’m meeting with many agencies carefully and seeking a place that could embark on a new beginning with me.”

We’d like to hear about the music that Yves is pursuing.

“I normally listen to and work on music without regard to genre. But in particular I like rhythmical and dreamy R&B as well as pop punk with satisfying band sounds. The fans have adored the charm that comes from the gap between my fierce appearance on stage and how I look when I’m smiling wide, and I think there’s a similar sense in my musical genres, so I think I’ll be able to show diverse looks going forward.”

What kind of artist would you like to become?

“As much as people love the Yves on stage, I would like to become an evergreen artist who shines on the stage, improves consistently, and doesn’t forget her roots. Also, before my debut I learned acting briefly, and I thought that was so attractive. I found myself wanting for opportunities in the past, and I would like to learn a lot of acting and study it diligently, so that if I become ready someday, I can expand my palette to acting also.”

Do you have a solo artist role model?

“Avril Lavigne sunbaenim and BoA sunbaenim! Watching their unique colors that stay distinctive over time, and their singing skills and performances that never get rusty, every time I think to myself, “I want to be like that too”.”

Any words you’d like to tell the members?

“I think they’d hate it if I made it long. Haha. This feels cringey even after years, but I love you, and I think the person I am today only exists because of the members, so I am so grateful to you.”

What makes Yves happy?

“Maybe this is an obvious answer, but it’s the fans. We had many happy moments but also many difficult circumstances, so they could just as well have left me. But the fans supported me quietly from my side, and I would like to tell them, thank you so much. And I want to make sure to repay you.”

Do you have a motto or goal?

“My motto these days is ‘No matter what!’ There are so many dreams I want to achieve no matter what, people I want to make happy no matter what, so lately I’ve been earnestly repeating in my head - ‘no matter what’. I’m certain that there will be exhausting moments in the future, but I would like to be a tough person who doesn’t regret my decisions, and a person who can find my center again even if I am shaken. And I’d like to continue working hard just like now, to become an artist who is respected in many dimensions. Please look upon me kindly!

Yoo Soo-kyung, Hankook Ilbo


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06 juil. 2023

Yves, always the kind, multi-talented, wise, big-picture minded, person that she is. ❤

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