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[News] Hankook Ilbo: Loossemble’s Hyunjin, Selected as Lead of Parc Jae-jung’s New Music Video (240503)

The singer Parc Jae-jung is set to partner in acting with Hyunjin of the group Loossemble.

On the 3rd, Romantic Factory announced that “Loossemble member Hyunjin will be appearing as the female protagonist in the music video of Parc Jae-jung’s new track, ‘Still Yours’.”

Additionally, it shared that “The music video will show Parc Jae-jung in a completely ruined and fallen role,” and that “While seeking a female lead with a pure and innocent image opposite from Parc Jae-jung, we reached out to Loossemble’s Hyunjin for an appearance, and she graciously agreed despite being in the middle of promotional activities, allowing us to complete a great product.”

Parc Jae-jung is set to show off a shocking transformation with bloody makeup on his face. Hyunjin plays the role of Parc’s past lover, in an innocent and bright demeanor.

As this is the music video of Parc’s final release before his military service, he is said to have participated directly in ideating to complete the concept and story.

The new track “Still Yours” explores the emotions of the narrator in Parc Jae-jung’s hit “Let’s Say Goodbye” when he comes across her once more after quite some time has passed, and is written and composed by Parc.

Both the single and music video of “Still Yours” are set for release at 6pm on the 9th. After the release, Parc will enlist into Army active duty on the 21st to fulfill his service to national defense.

By reporter Hong Hye-min



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