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[News] LOONA Reported to Make 2023 Comeback; Blockberry Confirms the Comeback but Refutes the Timing

Article 1:

[Exclusive] Loona [After] Removal of Chuu, Comeback in January… First Promotion with 11 Members

Reported by OSEN's Jang Woo-young

The group Loona is making its first comeback since the decision to expel and remove its member Chuu.

According to a music industry official speaking on the 7th, Loona is preparing a comeback with January 3 of next year as the target.

This Loona comeback follows about seven months after the special mini album ‘Flip That’ released last June. This year, Loona achieved a runner-up finish in an appearance on Queendom 2. After releasing the group’s first summer special mini album following the Queendom 2 runner-up finish, Loona also completed a successful world tour.

This Loona comeback is especially notable for being its first as a 11-person group after the decision to expel and remove Chuu from the group.

Previously on November 25, agency Blockberry Creative announced that “recently there have been reports of abuse of power, including verbal abuse, by Chuu towards Company staff. Investigation has confirmed the veracity of these reports; Company leadership is currently apologizing and offering consolation to the staff, and the Company has decided to take responsibility by expelling Chuu from LOONA.”

Three days later, on the 28th, it additionally explained that “The fan announcement posted around 5pm on November 25 was an announcement to explain the change in Chuu’s status and the cause of her removal to fans and those who support Loona; it was not an exposé. Stating the cause of removal is a natural course of explanation, but needing to provide the relevant facts and evidence is the right of Chuu herself and the staff who was victimized.”

In response, Chuu asserted on social media that “I wasn’t contacted about this series of issues or know anything about this, so I’m getting a grasp on the situation, but what I am sure about is that I haven’t done anything that would be an embarrassment for the fans”. Chuu has been steadfastly continuing her activities without stepping down from the programs she is currently on.

Loona revealed its first member Heejin in October 2016, followed by a subsequent reveal of 12 members, and debuted as a full group in August 2018 with [+ +].


Article 2:

Loona After Removal of Chuu: “Comeback Is Correct but Timing Is Undecided” [Official Statement]

Reported by XSportsnews' Kim Ye-na

The group Loona is making its first comeback after retooling as an 11-member group following the expulsion and removal of Chuu.

On the 7th, agency Blockberry Creative told XSportsnews that “Loona is indeed preparing for a comeback, but the timing is not decided”.

It further added, “The comeback timing will be announced at a later time once it is confirmed”.

One outlet reported earlier this day that Loona is preparing for a comeback in January 2023. If the comeback occurs in January, it would come seven months after the summer special mini album ‘Flip That’ released in June.

Loona has experienced a membership change since then. The agency removed Chuu, claiming that it had confirmed reports of Chuu’s verbal abuse and abuse of power towards staff and found it to be true.

At this, staff and colleagues around her stepped up to publicly support or encourage Chuu. Chuu also took a firm stand against various controversies around herself, saying “I haven’t done anything that would be an embarrassment for the fans”.



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