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[News] Loossemble 2nd Mini Album [One of a Kind] Release Schedule Change (240319)


This is the Loossemble fanclub manager.

We would like to inform you that there is a change in the release schedule of Loossemble’s 2nd Mini Album [One of a Kind].

We are preparing for Loossemble's new album promotions with the support of many fans, and we had announced April 16 as the release date.

Since then, many fans have suggested changing the album release date, as it is the anniversary of an unfortunate accident. We have changed the release schedule to reflect the precious opinions of many fans.

Accordingly, the previously announced promotion schedule has been changed, and beginning with the tracklist originally scheduled to be released on April 13, the contents will be released one day earlier.

We will do our best to not cause our fans worry for any similar reasons in the future.

We thank many fans for your warm advice regarding Loossemble, and we ask for your generous support, encouragement, and interest, so that Loossemble can continue to grow.

Thank you.



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