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[News] NewsIs - Chuu: Final Victory Confirmed in Lawsuit Against Former Agency to Invalidate Exclusive Contract (240627)

Chuu from the group LOONA, (25, legal name Kim Jiwoo) has won the final victory in her lawsuit against her former agency to invalidate her exclusive contract, after a dispute over profit settlement.

On the 27th, the Supreme Court’s 3rd Division (Chief Justice Roh Jung-hee) invoked Discontinuation of Adjudication and upheld the result of the appeallate trial in Chuu’s lawsuit against Blockberry Creative to "confirm the non-existence of the exclusive contract effect," which had ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

Discontinuation of Adjudication is a system that dismisses the appeal without hearing the case unless there is a specific reason, such as illegality in the judgment of the lower court in the appeal, excluding criminal cases.

[The rest of the article recaps the lawsuit’s history.]



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