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[News] Request for Fan Questions to LOONA Members (211127)

We're taking questions for LOONA members from the fans!

LOONA, who released their Japanese debut single [HULA HOOP/Starseed ~Kakusei~] on October 20, 2021, will be taking questions from fans through their official Twitter @loonaJPofficial.

The application period is from November 27 (Sat) 12:00 ~ November 30 (Tue) 18:00, and we will announce where the questions will be answered and other related details at a later time.

This is an opportunity for the members to directly answer your questions, so we look forward to your participation.


Taking fan questions for a particular member, or all members! Members will answer questions selected from all submissions that we receive.

● Application period: November 27 (Sat) 12:00 ~ November 30 (Tue) 18:00

● Application method: DMs to LOONA's official Twitter (@loonaJPofficial)

● Notes: To prevent leaking of personal information, we will only accept questions from twitter accounts that do not include personal info, such as real names ※ Please include a name (nickname, etc) to be referred to, if your question is chosen ※ Please submit questions in Japanese ※ We may change the wording of your question if your question is chosen ※ Please do not use emoji/emotes when submitting your question ※ Question submissions are restricted to one question per person (account)



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