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[News] Star News: "“Blockberry Appeals” - LOONA, the Fights That Will Be Unseen" (230624)

Star News: [Exclusive] “Blockberry Appeals” - LOONA, the Fights That Will Be Unseen [Yoon Sang-geun’s Context]

[The first six paragraphs provide a recap of the events so far]

As all have won injunctions in the lawsuit to seek suspension of exclusive contract effect, it appears that there will be no significant restrictions on their immediate activities. But it cannot be said that the situation is over, legally speaking.

First, regarding losing their case against these five members, Blockberry has expressed that they will “appeal the decision”, and additionally prepare for the primary lawsuit related to the effectiveness of the exclusive contract. Blockberry is also awaiting an initial verdict in August on its primary case against Chuu, who is already preparing solo activities, and this lawsuit also has been proceeding for at least two years.

A Blockberry official told StarNews that “There is still a long way to go,” expressing a will to continue legal proceedings against the members. While there may not be significant hurdles to LOONA members’ activities on the outside, it seems that an invisible, muddy fight will continue..

Reporter: Yoon Sang-geun



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