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[News] Star News: Blockberry appeals results of Chuu lawsuit (230829)

[Exclusive] Appeal against the first trial regarding Chuu's exclusive contract… Blockberry goes all the way

Blockberry Creative (hereafter referred to as Blockberry) filed an appeal against the results of the lawsuit against former member of the girl group LOONA, Chuu (Kim Jiwoo, 24).

According to those in the legal community on the 28th, Blockberry filed an appeal against the results of the first trial of the lawsuit confirming the non-existence of the exclusive contract through its legal representative on this day.

[T/N: The rest of the article provides a recap and background information on the lawsuit, and is omitted from this translation.]

Reporter Yoon Sang-geun


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Sep 01, 2023

They're going to lose unless they can show some sort of misapplication of the law. You can't appeal simply because you don't like the result. (IMO)

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