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[News] Star News: Chuu’s lawsuit to conclude on August 17 (230601)

“Non-existence of contract with former agency” - Chuu’s lawsuit to conclude on August 17

The exclusive contract lawsuit for Chuu from the girl group LOONA is expected to conclude this August.

The Seoul Northern District Court’s 12th Civil Cases Division (Da) held its fourth hearing on the 1st, for the civil suit filed by Chuu against Blockberry to determine the non-existence of exclusive contract effect.

Chuu filed a lawsuit against Blockberry in December 2021 in order to confirm the non-existence of her exclusive contract. The lawsuit had gone through three hearings, and was even sent to mediation, but mediation failed and the main suit continued.

Regarding this case and the filing for injunction to suspend entertainment activities, she received a partial winning ruling in March 2022.

On this day, the court gave notice of the change of the presiding judge, and asked again about the positions of the two sides, and reviewed the prepared documents that were submitted. Chuu’s legal representative said, “We have submitted documents related to the recent provisional injunction, and its results. The intent is that the exclusive contract is invalid.”

Blockberry’s legal representative has not further expressed their position since then.

After the arguments were made, the court announced that the verdict would be made on August 17.

[The next 2 paragraphs of the article add background information about ATRP, as well as Blockberry Creative’s actions leading up to this case]

Yet regarding this announcement, it seems like Chuu’s entertainment activities have continued without much issue, and she has not made mention of BY4M Studio, which independently claimed to have made a contract, and Blockberry has also declined to comment on this claim.

Reporter Yoon Sang-geun



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