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[News] Star News: Chuu vs Blockberry Lawsuit Resumes in March (230211)

[Exclusive] Chuu vs Blockberry Exclusive Contract Lawsuit Resumes in March… An Endless Conflict

As the conflict between Chuu, who has been removed from girl group Loona, and agency Blockberry Creative (Blockberry hereafter) is entering a new phase with Blockberry’s petition [T/N: to block Chuu's activities], the two parties’ primary lawsuit around the exclusive contract is also undergoing its initial trial.

In March, the Seoul Northern District Court’s 12th Civil Cases Division (Da [C]) is set to hold its next hearing for arguments in the civil suit filed by Chuu against Blockberry to determine the non-existence of exclusive contract effect. This suit was filed in December 2021, and there have been three hearing dates thus far.

Chuu is the only member of Loona who has filed to determine the non-existence of exclusive contract effect against Blockberry. While the other members only filed for an injunction to suspend the effect of their contracts, Chuu is showing a strong intent to completely dissolve her contract with Blockberry, having filed both this suit and the primary suit. In March 2022, Chuu won a partial granting of her injunction request filed against Blockberry for the suspension of effect of exclusive contract.

Again in this lawsuit, it appears that the activity revenue settlements and breach of trust between the two parties are the main points of contention. In particular, given that the injunction to suspend the exclusive contract effectiveness was granted and that Blockberry has actively reacted to related issues, it seems that there is a large gulf between the two parties’ positions.

– [ Original article adds recap of events after this point, with no new information ] –

Reporter Yoon Sang-geun



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