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[News] Star News on Blockberry's statement regarding CEMA judgment (230404)

[Exclusive Interview] CEMA: “Insufficient grounds for Chuu tampering” → Blockberry: “BY4M changed its position”

[The first three paragraphs recap the news on CEMA’s judgment and the ongoing lawsuit between Chuu and Blockberry.]

Regarding this, a senior Blockberry official said on a phone interview with Star News, “Unless we raise an objection to this point from our side, I don’t think there will be anything further to discuss on this issue.” They added, “Everyone in the know is aware that BY4M attempted to sign her to a contract. Advance contact can mean many things, and I think they’ve made this decision without a clear standard, and also BY4M seems to have changed their position. The core issue has been clouded.”

In particular, they said, “You can still look up and find press articles stating that BY4M and Chuu signed a contract. Just from those articles it’s possible to infer the timing when the two sides contacted each other, or whether or not they had contact at all, and there are some things that are hard to understand about this.” But they replied, “We respect CEMA’s decision.”

[Omitted from translation: Recap of the ongoing case between Chuu and Blockberry, Blockberry’s claims against Chuu to CEMA, the rest of the members’ lawsuits against Blockberry, OEC+ going to Modhaus, and the 11 members’ contract situation with Universal Japan]

On the other hand, regarding the issue related to new contracts for the other LOONA members, this official said “We have not decided yet. In some ways it wouldn’t be easy to obtain a favorable outcome if we were to pursue legal action, they have not filed for a contract termination, and we believe we’ll have an answer as to Universal Japan’s response within 1-2 weeks too. First of all the contract is currently valid, and we are monitoring the situation while negotiating with the members.” They added that “Rather than trying to block their activities, we are trying to have them maintain LOONA as a team, so with things like mediation petitions, at this time we are thinking deeply about the direction to move in.”

Reporter Yoon Sang-geun



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