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[News] TV Report: "'We Will Not Sign LOONA Members'... BY4M Accepts CEMA Advice" (230404)

[Exclusive] “We Will Not Sign LOONA Members”... BY4M Accepts CEMA Advice

BY4M Studio (hereafter ‘BY4M’), which is embroiled in suspicions that it engaged in advance contact with Chuu of the group LOONA in order to sign her to a contract, has promised that it will not sign exclusive contracts with other LOONA members in the future.

According to an industry official on the 4th, BY4M submitted materials to the Korea Entertainment Management Association's Disciplinary Mediation Ethics Committee (hereafter "CEMA") stating that it did not engage in advance contact with LOONA, and will not enter into a contractual relationship with other members in the future.

Earlier, Blockberry Creative (hereafter ‘Blockberry’) had sent a petition to CEMA to prevent BY4M from contacting other members of LOONA. Not for nothing, as many members even apart from Chuu had also filed for a suspension of exclusive contract effect against Blockberry.

After considering the possibility that this could disrupt order in the industry, CEMA is said to have required BY4M to submit a written statement certifying the above.

[Recap of previous events have been omitted from translation.]

Reporter Kim Yeon-ju



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