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[Notice] Announcement from CTD E&M (240613)

Hello, this is CTD E&M.

First, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to fans who have cared greatly for Loossemble and have offered us advice.

As we have managed Loossemble activities since debut through their second album, fans have requested an explanation regarding some hearsay and operational concerns. We feel a sense of responsibility as the agency and believe that the right thing to do is clearly explain the truth of the matter, and so would like to provide a few responses to the fans through this statement.

Firstly, we would like to explain the situation regarding Knowmerce selling its shares in CTD E&M.

We are a startup that began proper operations in June 2023. As many fans are aware, releasing an album requires a great deal of investment and effort. Since last year, the company has been conducting investor relations rounds in order to secure a better environment and quality content production.

We held meetings with numerous investors, and among them, Ktown4u, the # 1 global fandom-based e-commerce platform in the country, has partnered with us as a shareholder. Further, we have secured a more stable environment for the company’s future activities through strategic operational partnerships.

Second, regarding the boy group project.

We are an entertainment company that does business by developing or recruiting artists and using music-related intellectual property. Like most entertainment companies in this country, we are discovering new artists and preparing them for debut. Many companies, like ourselves, are constantly conducting auditions to secure talent. And within the fierce competition in the entertainment market, it is not possible to operate a company with a single girl group. As such we are focusing on Loossemble as our girl group, while preparing a boy group as a new IP.

For us, Loossemble is like cherished treasure, having had a difficult path to come together. There will never be a time when the boy group causes Loossemble activities to be interrupted or harmed. The number one priority and the focus of all of our abilities and business is Loossemble.

In closing, we also share the many concerns and disappointments that fans have voiced regarding Loossemble’s second album activities. Going forward, we will work to remedy the disappointments and shortcomings and help Loossemble grow into even more excellent artists. We ask for your continued warm attention.

Thank you.



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